MLOps Toolchain
Background & Analysis

The market for Machine Learning Model Management and Operations (MLOps) is estimated to grow over 10x (from $350 million in 2019 to $4 billion by 2025).
Machine Learning Operations is the process of managing machine learning effectively in a business environment. Which involves both tools and best practices to deploy, automate, and scale ML models.

Machine learning is rapidly moving from an experimental model to mainstream business implementation.

In fact, 10% of enterprises now use 10 or more AI applications. Plus, 73% of all CEOs and CHROs in the US plan to use more AI in the next 3 years.

And for good reason – according to Salesforce Research, 69% of IT leaders believe ML is transforming their business.

In fact, Netflix believes that the combined effect of ML-based personalization and recommendations saves the company $1 billion per year via increased customer retention. Software that equips data scientists with essential pieces of the new MLOps toolchain are growing rapidly.

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