Synthesized Food
Background & Analysis

The cultured meat market is worth over $200M. That’s forecast to grow to $572M by 2027. 

Cultured meat is an industry that hasn’t started in earnest yet. The first commercial sale of lab-grown meat occurred in a Singapore restaurant in December 2021.

The synthetic chicken sold was grown by Eat Just. One of the most prominent brands in the synthesized food space, Eat Just has raised more than $461M in funding.

There’s also an emerging space for synthesized animal product alternatives outside of meat itself. The “Alt-dairy” market as a whole is forecast to grow at an 11.4% CAGR through 2027.

And with approximately 66% of North American consumers preferring eco-friendly brands, the synthesized food space has huge growth potential. One study estimates that widespread uptake of cultured meat and dairy products could reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 78-96%. And reduce land use by 95%.

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