Find exploding trends before they’re trending
Get access to 5k+ under-the-radar markets, products, and investment opportunities before anyone else.
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1,000+ entrepreneurs and investors use Exploding Topics Pro to stay ahead of the curve
Discover Emerging Trends Up to a Year Before They Take Off
Our technology tracks behavior signals from search, social, podcasts, shopping and more. And identifies trends well before they go mainstream.
Weekly Trend Reports
See emerging trends before anyone else. Each week we send you a premium report containing 10+ high-potential trends — up to a year before we share them anywhere else.
Trends Database
Use our growing database of 5,000+ topics to easily find trends in dozens of different industries.
Meta Trends
See what’s coming next in the world of SaaS, finance, health, business, DTC, edtech, CPG and more.
Reports Library
Get instant access to our library of premium trend reports.
Tomorrow’s products, today
Learn about underground markets, under-the-radar startups, and untapped investment opportunities.
Instant Trend Alerts
Be the first to know when an emerging trend is starting to take off.
Who Uses Exploding Topics Pro?
Entrepreneurs and investors that want to stay ahead of the curve.
“Getting data first can make or break a business. Exploding Topics Pro helps you see what's coming next before anybody else. That way, you know where to best invest your time and resources.”
Heini Zachariassen
Founder and CEO of Vivino
“Exploding Topics Pro gives us a huge competitive advantage. We use it to spot non-obvious opportunities for products, features, investments and more.”
Eric Siu
Founder of ClickFlow
“Exploding Topics Pro helps me find opportunities before the public catches on. I find new companies that I've never heard of and entire industries that I didn't realize were gaining popularity. Which helps me stay ahead of the curve and competition.”
Benji Hyam
Co-Founder of Grow & Convert
“Exploding Topics Pro helps me find emerging opportunities that open my clients' eyes to new possibilities. Without your service and expertise, it would be very difficult to be aware of these rapidly changing shifts in society and technology.”
Stephen Webster
CEO of Wellfleet Enterprises
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