Top 6 Jungle Scout Alternatives & Competitors (2024)

by Josh Howarth
January 10, 2024

If you sell on Amazon, you’ve heard of Jungle Scout. To some, it’s considered a must-have for new Amazon sellers.

But if something’s got you looking for other options, here is a list of 6 Jungle Scout alternatives to consider. 

1. Exploding Topics

Imagine knowing about an emerging product trend before it takes off. It’s every ecommerce brand’s dream.

Exploding Topics surfaces trending topics, categories, and products before they’ve peaked by analyzing millions of social feeds, mentions, and conversations across the internet (not just Amazon).


For example, we identified the beauty product Snail Mucin in January of 2021. About a year before it really started to take off.


With that, let’s see how you can use Exploding Topics (and our paid product, Exploding Topics Pro), to find under-the-radar products.

So, let’s say you’re looking for the next big product.

I’ll head to Exploding Topics and filter the trend dashboard to the health category. You can also only to limit your search to “Exploding” (high-growth) trends.


Look at all these topics. Now, I want to look for an untapped opportunity. Next, I noticed that cold plunge tubs are growing fast.


I can drill down to see related products.


I can also create a project and add these items to track them over time.  d

So, if you want to identify categories and brands that show great potential and you don’t want to be limited to Amazon data only, Exploding Topics is a great option.

How do we find trends?

Exploding Topics uses a trend-spotting algorithm that analyzes MILLIONS of searches, conversations, and social feeds across the internet to surface burgeoning trends - even before they take off.

Then, our team vets the findings to ensure they’re as accurate as possible.


Exploding Topics Pro offers three pricing options.


Entrepreneur - $39/mo

Investor - $99/mo

Business - $249/mo

2. AMZScout

As the name suggests, AMZScout is another product geared toward Amazon sellers. At a high level, it’s pretty comparable to Jungle Scout.


It provides various product research tools like an ASIN reverse lookup that lets you see what keywords your competitor’s listings are ranking for. You can also track a product’s daily sales volume and ratings to know if it’s a good investment before you buy.

What makes AMZScout stand out?

  • Training Resources: AMZScout does well at helping first-time sellers. They offer comprehensive training courses to help new sellers learn how to get started and scale on the platform.
  • Stock Stats: Make better purchasing and pricing decisions by monitoring competitors’ stock. Know what to price based on market supply.

    What could be better?

    AMZScout is limited to Amazon, so again - it won’t scale if you decide to branch out to different retail channels. It would also be nice if they had some PPC tools or additional marketing resources like JungleScout has.


    AMZScout offers a flexible pricing model. You can pay monthly, annually, or even for a lifetime membership. Plus, they regularly run promotional sales. Here’s what those prices look like.

    Sellers Bundle for Amazon

    Yearly - $499/yr

    Monthly - $49.99/mo

    Lifetime - $1,599.99

    PRO Extension

    Yearly - $279

    Monthly - Not offered

    Lifetime - $599

    3. Sell The Trend

    Unlike AMZScout and Jungle Scout, Sell The Trend helps users on non-Amazon ecommerce platforms.


    Sell The Trend handles the entire cycle, from research and sourcing to page creation and ad generation.

    What makes Sell The Trend stand out?

    • Quickly add products to your store. Add a product to your store with a single click.
    • Supplier network. You can choose from 1,200 vetted suppliers.
    • Fulfillment. Fulfillment is a vital piece of the puzzle. Sell The Trend helps you fulfill customer orders and provides tracking info.
    • Shopify Explorer. Analyze Shopify product performance so you can see what’s doing well.

    What Could Be Better

    Sell The Trend is a drop shipping platform. So, seeing the benefit is a little harder if you're a wholesaler. It also has a lot of features, which can be good if you need them. But if you’re mainly looking for product research, it’s probably overkill.


    If you purchase the annual cost of the license upfront, you’ll receive a hefty discount.

    Lite - $24.97/mo

    Essential - $32.97/mo

    Pro - $79.97/mo


    Sellesta is a relatively new but promising research and listing optimization tool for Amazon sellers.


    Sellesta uses AI instead of traditional ASIN reverse lookup to optimize listings, research keywords, and improve product descriptions.

    What makes Sellesta stand out?

    • Direct authorization with Amazon. Publish listing changes with one click.
    • Automatic text generation. Make creating listings much quicker.
    • Review Analysis. Find weak points in your competitors' products by analyzing their reviews.
    • Free version. Try for free today. It is limited to one product.

          What could they do better?

          It's unclear how they're that much different from other product research tools. Yes, they use AI - but what does that mean, exactly?

          Sellesta is also relatively new, so I'm curious how well their optimization works compared to traditional reverse ASIN lookups.


          As I mentioned, they have a free version limited to an analysis of one product but includes keyword research and listing optimization.

          Here are their paid options:

          Basic - $14/mo

          Pro - $39/mo

          5. Stackline

          Stackline is a full-funnel commerce platform. If you’re a mature and established ecommerce brand, their offerings are much more comprehensive than many others in this list.


          Stackline offers products across three categories, designed to cover any ecommerce need - intelligence, operations, and advertising.

          What makes Stackline stand out?

          • In terms of an all-in-one tool, Stackline does a little of everything. You can search trends, monitor your product performance across channels, and automate advertising
          • The trends database is not limited to Amazon. Stackline uses more than one ecommerce search to generate product ideas.

          What could they do better?

          I want some deeper dive reporting. Stackline has many canned reports to utilize, but they lack the personalization and features of some competitors.


          Stackline offers a free version along with two paid versions.

          Pro - $199/mo

          Enterprise - $1,499/mo

          6. Seller Labs

          Founded in 2013, Seller Labs is another Amazon seller platform.


          Seller Labs is not just a keyword research and list optimization tool. They also provide white-glove advertising and creative services. If you partner with them, you get a dedicated account manager that helps you get the most out of your advertising spend.

          What makes Seller Labs stand out?

          • Dedicated advertising and creative services help optimize campaign strategy, full-funnel strategy, and ad strategy. Seller Labs is both a product and a partnership.
          • Communication Center. Set up messaging workflows to automatically ask for reviews and communicate with customers.
          • Real-Time business notifications. Get alerted when inventory drops, automatically replenish advertising spending and monitor sales and performance.

          What could they do better?

          Besides being limited to Amazon, Seller Labs offers a comprehensive solution. It’s a lot of capabilities rolled into one, and it can be overwhelming. It might not be ideal for smaller teams, as the ramp-up can take some time.

          Where Seller Labs shines is its hands-on account management, which comes at a more significant price tag.


          Pricing for Seller Labs can be put in two buckets - Service and Technology.


          Advertising - $1,499/mo

          Profit - $2,499/mo

          Marketplace Management - $3,999/mo


          0-$50k of Amazon Sales - $49/mo

          $50k-$250k - $99/mo

          $250k-$1m - $149/mo

          $1m+ - $299/mo


          When it comes to ecommerce, staying ahead of the curve is crucial. If you don’t adapt to meet changing consumer demand, you probably won’t last long.

          Tools like Jungle Scout have been popular with Amazon sellers thanks to its ease of use and keyword research tools.

          But buyers are everywhere (not just Amazon), and sentiment constantly changes. If you want actionable trend data, regardless of the platform, check out Exploding Topics or the some of the other Jungle Scout alternatives on this list.