Hey, it’s Brian Dean, founder of Backlinko, and Josh Howarth here.
Let’s face it: it’s harder than ever to stand out on the internet.
That’s mostly because there’s more content, social networks, and products coming out now than ever before. So even if your thing is mind-blowingly amazing, it’s probably going to get lost in the noise.
That is, unless you’re the first (or one of the first) to get in on the topic before it gets super crowded.
Enter: Exploding Topics.
Our advanced technology analyzes millions of searches, conversations and mentions across the internet. Then our algorithm can identify the top emerging trends in dozens of different industries. So that:
  • Bloggers and content marketers can jump on untapped keywords and be the first to write about the hottest topics.
  • Tech entrepreneurs spot upcoming platforms and game-changing technologies.
  • Ecommerce sellers + affiliate marketers are able to capitalize on hot new product categories and taste trends.
Exploding Topics started as a small project named Trennd built by Josh to spot a big market trend to ride. It rapidly gained a life of its own, went from zero to thousands of email subscribers in just a few months, and received shoutouts from huge industry names.
At which point, Brian spotted this massive initial traction and acquired Trennd to enable us to take it to its full potential.
And now we’ve partnered up on the project, we have a new laser focus:
To help you discover Exploding Topics to grow your business around.