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By Google Search Volume Growth (Last 10 Years)

Interest in Blue Origin is growing SUPER quickly. Especially since its founder, Jeff Bezos, was named the world’s wealthiest man in 2018 by Forbes.

But the growth of SpaceX is rapid too. And the absolute number of searches for “SpaceX” is MUCH higher than for “Blue Origin”.

What does this tell us?

Blue Origin’s popularity is growing faster, but SpaceX is the big name in space exploration by a mile.

Interesting note:

SpaceX had a HUGE spike in searches in February 2018. Their search volume was 5x larger than usual.

This can be explained by their Falcon Heavy launch on February 6th, 2018. The payload was a red Tesla Roadster. Launching a car into space attracted media attention from around the world.

Blue Origin had a similar search spike in 2015 when they successfully landed a reusable rocket.

So it’s clear from the data: technological breakthroughs by both companies are what drive the really big search volumes. And also what put them in the history books.