15 Top AI Productivity Tools (2024)

by Danny Dunn
May 10, 2024

One of the best ways to use artificial intelligence (AI) is to augment our skills with tools that make us more efficient.

Here are 15 AI productivity tools to help you get more done in a shorter amount of time.

Platform Productivity Enhanced Pricing
Speechify TTS for faster reading $30/mo or $139/year Smart calendar for optimizing collaboration $10/mo - $15/mo
Superhuman Fly through your email inbox $30/mo
Learnt AI Efficiently create learning materials $9/mo - $99/mo
Caktus AI Optimized studying/learning for students $14.99/mo - $19.99/mo Break down tasks (among other tools) Free to all
Dooly Sales management $35/mo - $75/mo
LanguaTalk Learn a conversational language fast $19.99/ mo
Sembly Summarized, optimized meeting notes $15/mo - $29/mo
Perplexity Conduct quick, link-backed research $20/mo
Synthesia Turn your script into an AI video $29/mo - $89/mo
Guru Intelligent content search and curation $18/mo
Notion AI Project management, content, collaboration $10/mo
Copy AI GTM AI workflow $49/mo - $249/mo
Taskade Collaborative task management and workspace $10/mo - $20/mo

1. Speechify


Speechify Overview

Name: Speechify
Purpose: AI-powered TTS reading
Launched: 2017
Created by: Speechify, Inc.

Speechify helps you read faster with natural-sounding text-to-speech (TTS), so you can tackle any Google Doc, PDF, website, or book in a fraction of the time. With a wide range of voices, accents, and languages to choose from, you can pick the voice and speed that’s comfortable for you.

You can use Speechify to learn new ideas quickly, absorb a long book at 2.5x speed, or catch up on industry news while working in the yard. Plus, Speechify continues to expand into offering content creation tools such as creating AI voiceovers or generating AI videos from scripts (but note - these tools fall into a separate pricing bracket).

Speechify Pros and Cons


  • HD quality, natural-sounding TTS voices
  • Quickly consume content (up to 9x faster)
  • Read and listen at the same time for maximum retention
  • 30+ languages, 100+ accents, celebrity voice options (yes, Snoop Dogg included)
  • Image to speech
  • Desktop or mobile app access
  • Audio download and document upload
  • Friendly for people with reading challenges (check out the founder’s story for more on this)


  • Some voices still sound robotic
  • Occasional text accuracy issues
  • Premium usage is limited to 150,000 words per month (keep this in mind long format readers)
  • The free version is quite limited

Speechify Pricing

There is a pretty large gap between the annual and the monthly billing on this.

Speechify Premium annual pricing is $139/ year ($11.58/month for 12 months) or $29 per month ($348 per year). In other words, annual billing saves you 60%.

Under the free account, you get access to 10 different voices, ads, a listening speed of up to 1x, and the ability to access your content on any device. When you upgrade to premium, you get 50+ premium voices, no ads, faster listening speeds (1.1x - 9x), and the ability to auto-skip headers and citations.

2. Reclaim.AI


Reclaim Overview

Name: Reclaim
Purpose: AI-powered calendar scheduling and optimization
Launched: June 2019
Created by:, Inc. is a calendar app that helps you plan and optimize your calendar with the help of AI. You can use it to schedule tasks, meetings, habits, and focus time across your team for optimal productivity. You can use it to set a specific task and how long it takes, and Reclaim will help you plan out your day so you can get it done.

Reclaim also helps you schedule team meetings automatically to eliminate back-and-forth, set up breaks and buffer time (for example, time to catch up after traveling), and track the amount of time spent on activities. Plus, it integrates with a wide range of tools like Slack, Zoom, and Todoist to keep your team agile and collaborative.

Reclaim Pros and Cons


  • Smart scheduling across teams
  • Time tracking and analytics for workflow optimization
  • Advanced scheduling features like smart time block scheduling
  • Intelligently plan out tasks based on how long they take
  • Seamless integration with team apps
  • Discounts available for startups, students, educators, and more
  • Encourages productivity, collaboration, and work-life balance
  • Saves time and prevents back-and-forth


  • Initial setup and integration can be overwhelming
  • Doesn’t directly integrate with Microsoft Outlook
  • Web-based only, no desktop or mobile versions
  • Limited project management features (mostly focused on calendar events and time tracking)

Reclaim Pricing

Reclaim offers four different plans - Lite, Starter, Business, and Enterprise. Lite is free and offers basic calendar functions and limited integrations. Starter is $10 per seat per month and includes unlimited integrations, people analytics and time tracking, and unlimited calendar sync.

Business is $15 per seat per month and includes unlimited scheduling links, unlimited smart meetings, and a scheduling range of up to 12 weeks. Enterprise is available for large-scale implementation, but you’ll need to contact sales for pricing. Both the Starter and Business plans offer a 20% discount for annual billing.

3. Superhuman


Superhuman Overview

Name: Superhuman
Purpose: AI-powered email platform
Launched: 2014
Created by: Superhuman Labs, Inc.

Superhuman is an AI-powered email platform that enables you to clear your inbox efficiently. If the thought of going through your emails right now sounds daunting, Superhuman can help you get productive with your inbox.

One of the platform’s strongest features is keyboard shortcuts, which essentially give you the ability to reach Inbox Zero as fast as you can hit the desired hotkey for each email. For example, “J” to go to the next message, “K” to go to the previous, “C” to compose a new message, “E” to archive a conversation, and so on. Once you get the hang of this, Superhuman claims you can save up to four hours per week.

Superhuman also summarizes long emails, allows fast AI replies, autocorrect, email snooze, and the ability to schedule emails to Send Later. Plus, you can sync it with your calendar, set up automated follow-ups, and track when people open your emails.

Superhuman Pros and Cons


  • Keyboard shortcuts for reaching Inbox Zero in a fraction of the time
  • Integrates with Gmail and Outlook
  • Templated emails, AI-assisted responses, autocorrect, quick edit with AI
  • Summarize long email conversations
  • Speech-to-text emails, email tracking
  • No third-party data storage
  • “Rewrite in my voice” feature
  • Get back up to four hours per week


  • Learning curve since there is a lot of functionality
  • Steep learning curve on the shortcuts and all the features
  • Lack of a native Windows app, as only web and mobile apps are available
  • No free trial option is available

Superhuman Pricing

Superhuman has three paid plans - Starter, Growth, and Enterprise. The Starter plan is for individuals and small teams and is $30 per user per month. The Growth plan is for email-centric growing teams and is currently on sale for $30 (instead of $45) per user per month with a minimum of 5 users.

The Enterprise plan is annual billing only for larger teams (15 or more) and requires you to book a call with sales. The biggest difference across the plans is the amount of training and support.


undefined Overview

Purpose: AI-powered email platform
Launched: 2023
Created by: Nimbus Learning Ltd is a platform designed for education professionals to prepare lesson plans, create assignment questions, generate icebreakers, and more. Of course, teachers deal with a lot of content over the school years, including information that might be updated yearly or even more frequently. But the platform is not just oriented towards teachers; business professionals could also get a lot of value from it.

With, creating learning goal-oriented content is as simple as choosing a learning objective and entering prompts. Then, the app generates responses tailored to your needs, shaving off potentially tedious hours of lesson preparation. includes over 95 tools and AI sidekicks to support a wide array of human-sounding content. These include:

  • AI-Resistant Assignments - critical thinking assignments resistant to chatbots
  • AI Vision - transform images into resources
  • Concept Builder
  • Analogy Maker
  • Poem Generator
  • Multiple Choice Questions
  • True or False
  • Create A List Of…
  • Lesson Planner Assistant
  • Text Leveller - adapt text to the appropriate reading level
  • Story Starter - generate an introduction for a short story
  • Homework Task
  • Ice Breakers (in-person or virtual)
  • Explain It To A Child
  • Accessibility And Inclusion Assistant Pros and Cons


  • Cut lesson preparation time significantly
  • Teachers can focus more energy and attention on other important tasks
  • Versatile to adapt to your lesson needs, as what you need may vary
  • Over 95 tools and AI sidekicks
  • Affordable Essentials plan


  • A potentially overwhelming number of options and tools
  • Large price gap between Essentials plan ($9/mo) and Professional plan ($99/mo)
  • A platform like could lead to an overreliance on AI and less personalized, human content Pricing offers a free plan that gives you unlimited access to 15 popular tools. Upgrading to the “Essentials” plan is $9 per month, and that gives you access to 75+ AI tools and customer support.

The next plan is “Professional,” where the price jumps up to $99 per month and is positioned for educationalists, freelancers, and businesses. This plan gives you access to 20+ AI sidekicks in addition to 75+ AI tools and development sandbox access.


undefined Overview

Purpose: Student helper AI assistant
Launched: 2022
Created by: Caktus Software is an AI platform for students that helps with research, writing, studying, and learning. While other AI chatbots tend to hallucinate sources, Caktus AI references real sources, including class notes, lecture materials, and academic research, to help students study and write more effectively. is not limited to reading and writing but is designed to be versatile enough to help students decipher math and science solutions, understand word problems, learn to code, and generate ideas worth exploring through further research. This is made possible by combining large language-learning model chatbot functionality with the academic CORE database. Pros and Cons


  • Student-friendly AI assistant
  • Source-backed research materials for references
  • Easy to use and affordable for students
  • Solve word problems, understand solutions
  • Learn math, science, coding, writing assistance
  • Uncover new topics to learn about and research


  • While has a writing assistant, it’s not meant for long-form essays
  • No free plan
  • Could potentially lead to an over-reliance on AI Pricing doesn’t have a free plan, but it is priced with affordability for students in mind. The Base Plan is $14.99 per month and includes writing tools, conversational tutor, academic sources, unlimited AI outputs, citation tools, and step-by-step solutions.

The upgraded Pro Plan is $19.99 per month and includes additional features not in the Base Plan, including AI Detection Tool, the Pro newsletter, access to the Discord community, and priority support.


undefined Overview

Purpose: Free assorted AI-powered single-task productivity tools
Launched: 2023
Created by: Bram De Buyser is a small collection of single-task productivity tools that can be used by anyone for free, but is specifically designed with neurodivergent users in mind. Especially when it comes to overwhelming or difficult tasks. For example, the first available tool when you visit the site is the Magic ToDo, which breaks down complicated tasks into a step-by-step process that you can edit as you feel necessary.

Check out the above example to see how it broke down my task to “write a detailed blog post on AI productivity tools.” With the little pepper icon, you adjust the “spice level” - from 🌶️🌶️🌶️🌶️🌶️ for a highly detailed breakdown to 🌶️ for a minimal task set.

Other tools include the Formalizer (to make your “spicy thoughts” more formal), The Judge (to examine the tone of something), Estimator (how long will this take), Compiler (to turn your brain dump into a meaningful list of tasks), and The Chef (you give it ingredients, it returns something you could cook). Pros and Cons


  • Totally free
  • Neurodivergent friendly
  • Simple but effective set of single-task tools
  • Break down complicated tasks
  • Check your tone or long a task should take
  • Suggest some pretty stellar meal ideas by just listing ingredients
  • Fun branding


  • Not super polished, but it doesn’t need to be Pricing is totally free to all, but you can support the developers through a Patreon link, if you’d like.

7. Dooly


Dooly Overview

Name: Dooly
Purpose: AI-powered, standardized sales cycle management
Launched: 2016

Dooly is a sales management platform that uses AI to help sales teams collaborate more efficiently and close more revenue. Dooly is the kind of tool designed to streamline the potential weak points of the sales process, like admin work, handoffs, customer onboarding, and information/ data.

Dooly is designed to work for every role on your sales team, providing 360-degree insights into your rep’s pipelines, customizable layouts, private manager notes, and more productive conversations about deals. The platform can also do neat things like sync your meeting notes automatically with Salesforce, integrate with your existing tech stack, and more.

Dooly Pros and Cons


  • Manage day-to-day sales activities
  • Track pipeline deals and meetings
  • Manage customer and prospect relationships collaboratively
  • With a single source of truth, Dooly makes events like handoffs easier
  • Call reviews, sales pipeline management
  • Integration with existing tech
  • Automations, integrations, and templates
  • Chrome extension
  • AI deal summarization


  • Some users have noticed delays in system field syncing
  • Dooly has frequent updates that could disrupt function
  • Lack of functionality for non-sales roles
  • Dooly comes with a wide range of functions, so there is a learning curve

Dooly Pricing

Dooly’s free plan is quite limited, but it does get your foot in the door with a basic version of what to expect from the platform. The note history is limited to 14 days, and you only have access to basic note templates and a handful of integrations.

The two paid plans are “Growth” and “Premier,” which are $35 per user per month and $75 per user per month, respectively. Growth includes full notes history, unlimited note templates, unlimited playbooks, and more. Premier includes everything in Growth plus advanced pipeline customization, custom onboarding and training, vitals customization, role-based access control, and more.

8. LanguaTalk


LanguaTalk Overview

Name: Langua
Purpose: AI-powered language learning
Launched: January 2021
Created by: LanguaTalk, Inc.

If you’re a productive person, you’ve probably pursued or have been interested in learning a new language. LanguaTalk is a language-learning platform that offers high-quality tutor instruction paired with AI software to elevate your language skills rapidly. The platform offers 16 languages, including Spanish, French, German, English, and Japanese.

LanguaTalk’s tutor selection process is rigorous (selecting to work with less than 10% of applicants), so you can be sure you’re only working with the best. Browse LangquaTalk’s wide selection of tutors, where you can sort by language, availability, price per hour, etc. until you find and book the one that suits you best.

In between tutoring sessions, you can practice your language of choice with Langua’s AI conversation partners. They sound like natives, so conversing with them is easy without the pressure you might feel in real life. LanguaTalk also offers videos, podcasts, and the ability to listen to and read transcripts (which is said to aid in knowledge retention).

LanguaTalk Pros and Cons


  • Highly qualified tutors to work directly with you
  • Personalized learning with interactive lessons
  • AI conversation partners so you can practice with native-sounding characters
  • Videos, podcasts, transcripts, flashcards, and AI stories
  • Instant corrections and translations


  • Currently, it only supports 16 languages
  • No offline mode (you have to be connected to use the website) and no mobile app
  • Some tutors can be pricey
  • Hard to find solid pricing information for Pro plan

LanguaTalk Pricing

LanguaTalk pricing is a little tricky to nail down, but generally, tutors run between $10 and $40 per hour. If you’d like to upgrade to the Pro version of LanguaTalk, it’s $19.99 per month, but that’s based on some digging, since the pricing on the website isn’t transparent.

9. Sembly


Sembly Overview

Name: Sembly
Purpose: AI-powered meeting notes
Launched: 2019
Created by: Sembly AI, Inc.

Sembly is AI-powered meeting notes software. While that may not sound like much at face value, it’s capable of making meeting notes productive in several ways. For one thing, if you’ve ever struggled to focus during a meeting because you were too busy taking notes, Sembly solves that problem.

You can be present and attentive while Sembly takes meeting notes for you, summarizes them, and stores them so you can quickly access past meeting notes at any time. Sembly can also securely and automatically send meeting notes to relevant parties, whether that’s clients or team members who couldn’t attend.

With Sembly Tasks, you can manage how your team tackles tasks, optimize team workflows, set team goals, and even prioritize specific KPIs. Your “Semblain” is Sembly’s chatbot. Use it to ask questions about past meeting notes or to turn main point #3 from last Tuesday’s meeting into a professionally worded email to all department heads. All you need to do is click send.

All of these features and more can help keep you and your team focused on reaching specific goals, especially when it comes to keeping organized with post-meeting steps.

Sembly Pros and Cons


  • Generate meeting notes that can be stored, summarized, and interacted with
  • Spend your focus and attention on the matters at hand, not on taking meeting notes
  • Acts like a team member who is a meeting notes whiz that you always have access to
  • Easily and securely share meeting notes with clients and team members
  • Get great meeting notes even if you can’t attend
  • Affordable, especially given how much time, energy, and stress it can save you
  • Generate minutes, time stamps, and create to-do’s during the meeting


  • Sembly AI must join the meeting, and it must do so at least 5 minutes in advance to work
  • Doesn’t always assign speakers correctly
  • Some users had trouble with integrations

Sembly Pricing

Sembly offers four different pricing plans: Personal, Professional, Team, and Enterprise. The Personal plan is free to use and includes a monthly record limit of four hours, meeting transcription, and a handful of features for up to one member.

Upgrading to Professional costs $15 per month and includes an unlimited monthly record limit, Sembly meeting notes, Semblian chatbot, and multi-language support for up to one user. For $29 per user per month, you can get the Team plan, which opens up collaboration tools, Sembly Tasks (AI-powered task ID and management), a workspace analytics dashboard, and automation options. For larger teams, the Enterprise option (contact sales for pricing) offers support of 40+ users, and adds content isolation, a Sembly dedicated human success rep, and advanced CRM and tool integrations.

10. Perplexity


Perplexity Overview

Name: Perplexity
Purpose: AI-powered research chatbot
Launched: 2022
Created by: Perplexity AI

Perplexity is a chatbot that hallucinates less than ChatGPT and stands out among the rest because it’s successful at presenting relevant information backed by actual sources. For each inquiry you run, you’ll receive a response that is linked to the source of its origin. While it’s not always perfect, it’s very helpful for finding relevant statistics, tracking down a stat that you can’t find the source to, and building out good research.

You can also filter your responses to focus on particular corners of the internet, such as YouTube, Reddit, Academic papers, and more. And, with the free account, you can upload up to 3 PDFs, images, or text to aid in your search.

Perplexity Pros and Cons


  • Simple, intuitive chatbot for doing research and finding statistics
  • Each relevant response to your inquiry will include a link so you can verify the source yourself
  • Great for students, researchers, marketers, and more
  • Hallucination-free and competitively priced compared to other chatbots
  • Text, PDF, or image file upload option
  • Fast at responding to inquiries


  • May provide outdated information
  • Will occasionally fail to connect the right answer to your question (a common chatbot problem)
  • Sometimes struggles to put information together from multiple sources
  • Difficulty producing high-quality summaries of longer articles

Perplexity Pricing

For the price of your average monthly chatbot subscription ($20 per month), you can upgrade to Perplexity Pro, which allows for up to 600 advanced Pro searches per day, API credits, and access to more advanced LLMs like GPT-4, Claude-3, and more.

Pro searches are ideal for complex questions that require longer, more detailed answers. The Pro plan also gives you up to 50 answers a day using the visualize feature with Playground AI, DALLE-E, and more.

11. Synthesia


Synthesia Overview

Name: Synthesia
Purpose: AI-powered script to studio-quality video
Launched: 2017
Created by: Synthesia Ltd

Synthesia is an AI video generation platform that can create high-quality studio-style videos from just a script. These videos are ideal for training, instruction, customer service, product explainers, and other videos to help drive your team’s productivity.

If you already have a script, you can upload that, or you can use the script generator that works with Chat GPT-like prompts to guide you along. Once you’re happy with your script, you’re minutes away from creating your AI video. You can choose from over 160 avatars or create your own digital twin, and you can select from voiceovers in over 130 languages (or clone your own voice).

Synthesia Pros and Cons


  • High-quality videos and voiceovers generated from your script within minutes
  • Easy video editing tools (no editing experience required)
  • Automatically generates closed captions
  • Keep your library updated without having to do expensive reshoots
  • Embed videos into your tech with integrations
  • 160+ avatars, 130 languages, 200+ free video templates
  • Scale content production


  • The voiceovers are realistic but, just like any voiceover application, there is still a sense that it’s artificial on close inspection
  • Custom avatar creation can be costly
  • AI voices and speech patterns for more obscure languages might be underdeveloped
  • Limited personal plan only includes 120 minutes of videos per year, (which is to say only 10 minutes per month)

Synthesia Pricing

Synthesia has three paid plans - Starter, Creator, and Enterprise. The Starter account is $29 per month and includes 1 editor and 3 guests, up to 10 minutes of video per month, and 70+ avatars.

The next level up is the Creator plan, which is $89 per month. This includes 1 editor and 5 guests, 30 minutes worth of video per month, and 90+ avatars, plus custom fonts and audio downloads. For teams, the Enterprise option (contact sales for pricing) includes unlimited minutes of video, a custom number of editors and guests, 140+ avatars, and team collaboration tools.

12. Guru


Guru Overview

Name: Guru
Purpose: AI-powered centralized company search
Launched: 2018
Created by: Guru Technologies, Inc.

Guru is an AI-powered enterprise search and intranet platform that helps you find answers across all your channels. Guru consists of three tools in one. The enterprise AI search platform enables you to connect all of your apps, documents, chats, and more so you can quickly find answers from the tools your team is already using. Plus, you can search across these channels and ask Guru to find what you’re looking for.

With the Guru intranet, you get access to a team-friendly portal designed for streamlined collaboration and communication across the team. Use it to send announcements, org charts, important personalized tasks, and more. And with the third component, the Guru Wiki, you can use AI to assist in building your knowledge base efficiently.

Guru Pros and Cons


  • Eliminate information silos and get quick access to all relevant information
  • Get instant AI answers from your content with chatbot functionality
  • Set up a personalized, branded company portal with the intranet
  • Build your company knowledge base more efficiently with AI assistance
  • Integrates with existing apps and workflow
  • Create, share, and organize documents with ease


  • The free trial version does have its limitations
  • Sometimes, slow loading times are reported by users, and the occasional tech glitch
  • You may need to use very specific terms to pull the right search query
  • The learning curve on this platform can be significant

Guru Pricing

Guru offers a generous, completely free 30-day trial so you can get a really good idea of how the platform functions before investing in it. The only paid plans are the All-in-one plan and the Enterprise plan.

The All-in-one plan is $15 per user per month and includes the three AI-driven tools - Enterprise AI search, intranet, and Wiki. The Enterprise plan is custom pricing, so you will need to contact sales to find out more.

13. Notion AI


Notion AI Overview

Name: Notion AI
Purpose: AI-powered notes app augmented by AI
Launched: 2022
Created by: Notion Labs, Inc.

Notion AI is an integrated AI assistant built into an already stellar note-taking app. It seems that more and more people are taking advantage of all the things Notion can do, but it’s the add-on of Notion AI that can add new ways to use Notion more productively.

With the Notion AI Q&A, you can ask the chatbot whatever you want to find the information you’re looking for across the shared platform. Simply ask, and the Q&A can assign you tasks or remind you to follow up with somebody, for example. With the Writer app, you can leverage AI to help write what’s on your mind, explain tricky topics, brainstorm content ideas, translate German or Spanish, or edit your voice and tone on the fly with just a few clicks. You don’t have to worry about getting stuck; the AI assistant will help you get through.

The Notion AI autofill feature can quickly sort an otherwise unmanageable amount of information into actionable data. If you’re building in Notion, it’s easy to use the autofill feature to fill it in automatically. With all of these tools, you and your team can focus on more valuable tasks.

Notion AI Pros and Cons


  • Save time with autofill, easy search, and writing assistant
  • Notion believes in protecting users’ security and privacy
  • Efficient content creation, editing, and organization
  • Quickly fill in tables that would otherwise be tedious to fill out
  • A no-brainer if you’re already making good use of the Notion platform


  • Requires an existing Notion subscription, so some people might say it’s a fee on top of a fee
  • The features are limited to use within the Notion platform
  • A limited number of AI writing templates
  • Not a good enough writing platform to rely on for good, lengthy writing; it’s better to use it as an assistant

Notion AI Pricing

The Notion AI add-on is separate from the Notion platform. The base price for the Notion plans is $10 per year per month, while Business is $18 per seat per month, and Enterprise is “contact sales.”

However, since we’re focusing on the Notion AI add-on, the price is $10 per member per month. This includes the unlimited use of Q&A, Autofill, and Writer, each going a long way to optimizing your productivity.


undefined Overview

Purpose: AI-powered GTM platform
Launched: 2020
Created by: CopyAI, Inc. is a go-to-market AI app with pre-built workflows to help improve sales and marketing team productivity. Once you set up your strategy and workflows tailored to your goals, the AI makes it easy to execute those steps. consists of two platforms: AI Marketing OS and AI Sales OS. AI Marketing OS makes it easy to create content, translate languages, enrich existing systems, and generate demand. AI Sales OS takes the repetitive, lower-value sales tasks so your sales reps can focus on selling. These tasks include working deals, generating pipelines, and powering operations. includes a long list of copy and content templates, from LinkedIn posts to email campaigns to resignation letters. One of its more interesting features is the brand voice tool, which ensures that your voice across your materials is on point and consistent. It’s these features that make stand out compared to other writing and marketing platforms. Pros and Cons


  • AI Chat allows you to easily and intuitively build and execute workflows through chat
  • Strategically build, implement, and execute workflows
  • Pre-built workflow templates, AI prompts, content templates, and more
  • Extensive selection of specialized content and copywriting AI tools
  • Brand Voice tool


  • Not the fastest content AI generation tool
  • May present inaccuracies or irrelevant information
  • Company and product positioning are a little unclear at first glance Pricing

The free version of offers 1 seat and up to 2000 words in the AI Chat function, so you can get a feel for the platform. Upgrading to Pro is $49 per month and opens up 5 seats, unlimited words in Chat, and 500 workflow credits per month. The Team plan is $249 per month and includes 20 seats, unlimited words, and 3000 workflow credits per month. The Enterprise option is for unlimited seats and additional features, but you’ll have to contact sales for pricing information.

15. Taskade


Taskade Overview

Name: Taskade
Purpose: AI-powered unified project management
Launched: 2017
Created by: Taskade

Taskade is a AI-powered project management platform consisting of five tools that sync together to create one unified, productive workspace. Create custom AI agents to complete tasks and generate workflows autonomously. Then, chat with AI and ask questions about your tasks or documents to get answers in seconds.

With Taskade’s AI, it’s easy to create new ideas and map out workflow procedures. Plus, it has a ton of built-in features, including the ability to utilize the 1000+ available prompt templates, summarize documents, generate to-do items, and even prioritize tasks to get stuff done.

Taskade Pros and Cons


  • Automate 700+ tasks across different roles on your teams
  • Train and use AI agents to complete tasks at 10x speed
  • Wide range of templates and AI-enhanced responses
  • Create actionable steps with the help of AI and then use AI to complete those steps
  • Unlimited secure sharing with clients and team members
  • Unlimited team real-time collaboration with advanced multi-workspace support


  • The free version is limited to device restrictions
  • Users have reported bugs and a lack of polish on the mobile app (compared to the desktop version)
  • Navigation can grow more difficult as you introduce more projects
  • Storage is limited on lower-level plans

Taskade Pricing

Taskade’s free plan includes 1 AI agent, 5 AI requests, 1 workspace, and 250 MB of storage. Taskade Pro costs $10 per user per month and includes Taskade AI agents, unlimited AI usage, 10 workspaces, 100 GB of storage, and cloud integrations.

Taskade for Teams is $20 per user per month and includes unlimited workspaces, up to 1000 GB of storage, 5000+ automations and integrations, and collaboration tools.


Many of these options offer a free plan or a free trial. Now is a great time to try them out and see what works for you.

Imagine finding a tool that can turbocharge your productivity, helping you get more work done faster and freeing up your time from tedious tasks. That's the power of AI-powered project management tools.