Top 23 Esports Statistics In 2024

by Fabio Duarte
April 29, 2024

This article is a list of 23+ exciting Esports statistics for 2024.

Competitive gaming is becoming increasingly mainstream.

But is the popularity of esports peaking? Or is the industry forecast to continue its rapid growth?

Find out more in our up-to-date roundup of the esports industry.

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Top 5 Esports Statistics (Editor's Picks)

  1. The total market value of the esports industry is over $1.6 billion.
  2. The US esports market ($1.07 billion) has overtaken China's as the most valuable.
  3. Dota 2's 2023 cumulative prize pool reached almost $30 million.
  4. The top esports team by value is TSM ($540 million).
  5. The top-earning esports player has won over $7 million.

Esports Market Growth Stats

The esports market is valued at over $1.6 billion (GlobalData)


Esports has surged in popularity in recent years. And its market value has followed suit.

In 2019, the esports global market was valued at $957.5 million. This figure has grown to approximately $1.64 billion – an increase of over 70% over the last five years.

This esports industry growth comes in spite of a slight pandemic-driven dip to $947.1 million.

Esports sponsorship is set to generate over $1 billion in 2025 (MarketingReport)

In 2023, esports sponsorship generated $895 million.

By 2025, esports sponsorships are estimated to account for $1.05 billion worth of revenue.

Regional Esports Stats

The US has the largest national esports market in the world (Statista)

The US esports market is worth an estimated $1.07 billion.

By comparison, the Chinese esports market is valued at $497.6 million.

Europe’s esports market is estimated to be worth $1.44 million.

North America has the biggest esports market share (yahoo!finance)

As of 2024, North America has a 37.2% share of the global esports market.

Thanks to its established esports ecosystem, more than one-third of all esports revenue comes from North America.

Esports Game Stats

Dota 2 had the largest cumulative prize pool in 2023 (Esports Earnings)

No game had a larger cumulative esports prize pool in 2023 than Dota 2. The online battle arena offered a total prize pool equating to $29.56 million in 2023.

Shooters dominated cumulative prize pools in esports competitions.


Here’s a list of the top ten cumulative prize pools of esports competitions in 2022 and 2023:

Game 2023 Rank Cumulative prize pool (2023) 2022 Rank Cumulative prize pool (2022)
DOTA 2 1 $29.56 million 1 $32.85 million
Fortnite 2 $19.11 million 4 $16.35 million
PlayerUnknown’s Battleground Mobile 3 $15.94 million 3 $23.43 million
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 4 $14.99 million 5 $16.17 million
Rainbow Six Siege 5 $8.9 million 9 $8.04 million
VALORANT 6 $8.5 million 11 $7.06 million
Arena of Valor 7 $8.42 million 2 $32.73 million
Rocket League 8 $8.4 million 7 $9.42 million
League of Legends 9 $7.64 million 6 $7.71 million
PlayerUnknown’s Battleground 10 $7 million 8 $8.42 million

Fortnite is the most streamed game on Twitch (

There is some overlap between the games with the largest prize pools and the most streamed games on Twitch. Fortnite, VALORANT, and League of Legends each feature in both top 10 lists.

Fortnite was the most streamed game between March and April 2024 with 5.6 million streams – the only game to tally over 5 million views on Twitch during this time period.

Dota 2 cumulative prize pools total over $340 million (Esports Earnings)

As of April 2024, Dota 2 has the largest cumulative esports prize pool ($346.43 million).

This figure has been spread across 4,875 players. And 1,892 tournaments.

Fortnite ($180 million), Counter-Strike: Global Offensive ($162 million), League of Legends ($109 million), and Arena of Valor ($90 million) make up the rest of the top five.

Over 1 million people streamed Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in 2020 (Esports Charts)

At its peak in 2020, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive was streamed by just over 1 million people.

The game averaged approximately 273,000 viewers in 2020. This figure may have been partly inflated by the pandemic but remained largely stable the following year.

In 2021, the average number of viewers of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive esports slightly dipped to 224,000.

Fortnite has been streamed by over 5.5 million people on Twitch in the last year (Sully Gnome)

Between April 2023 and April 2024, Fortnite was streamed by around 5.53 million people on Twitch.

This figure is around 2x more than the next-most streamed game by viewers, Just Chatting (2.33 million).

The cumulative PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds tournament prize pool surpassed $25 million in a single year (Strive)

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) tournament grew year-over-year between 2017 and 2023.

In 2017, the cumulative prize pool for PUBG esports totaled $1.01 million.

The following year, PUBG’s cumulative prize pool for esports grew to $8.19 million – a rise of over 8x in one year.

In 2023, PUBG’s cumulative prize pool for esports tournaments was an estimated $27.53 million. That’s a rise of over 300% in five years.

Esports Tournament Stats

The most viewed esports tournament peaked at more than 6 million viewers (Esports Insider)

As of November 2023, League of Legends World Championship 2023 has been the most viewed esports event with 6.4 million peak viewers.

The second and third most viewed esports tournaments are the M5 World Championship and the M4 World Championship respectively.

The M5 World Championship was viewed by 5 million peak viewers. While the M4 World Championship was viewed by 4.27 million viewers.

As of late 2023, six different esports events have registered over 2 million peak viewers.

The largest Esports tournament prize pool exceeded $40 million (Esports Earnings)

The largest esports tournament prize pools have been dominated by The International. All five of the top esports prize pools to date have come courtesy of the annual tournament.

After being canceled in 2020, The International returned in 2021 with a record-breaking $40.02 million prize pool.

The International 2019’s prize pool totaled $34.33 million. This followed year-over-year rises from 2015.

The International 2015 had a prize pool of $18.43 million – $3.14 million more than the next highest prize pool, the Fortnite World Cup Finals 2019 – Solo ($15.29 million).

The Fortnite World Cup Finals 2019 – Duo rounded off the top eight esports tournament prize pools to date with a total of $15.1 million.

Esports Organizations Stats

The top 4 esports organizations are worth over $250 million combined (Forbes)

A 2022 Forbes study found that TSM is the most valuable esports organization with an estimated value of $540 million.

100 Thieves placed second on the most valuable esports organizations with a valuation of $460 million.


Here is the full list of the top ten most valuable esports organizations:

Esports Organization Value
TSM $540 million
100 Thieves $460 million
Team Liquid $440 million
FaZe Clan $400 million
Cloud9 $380 million
G2 Esports $340 million
Fnatic $260 million
Gen.G $250 million
NRG $240 million
T1 $220 million

The top-earning esports organization makes over $50 million (Forbes)

TSM was the top-earning esports organization in 2021, bringing in approximately $56 million in revenue.

FaZe Clan ranked second on the list of top revenue-earning esports organizations with $52.9 million.

100 Thieves and Team Liquid jointly rounded off the top three esports organizations by revenue last year with $38 million in revenue.

Team Liquid has won over $45 million as a professional esports team (Esports Earnings)

As of April 2024, Team Liquid is the leading earner in the esports industry with $48.8 million won.

Team Liquid is closely followed by OG with a total of $38 million earned in esports prize money.

23 organizations have won over $10 million in esports prize money.

And 48 have won over $5 million.

Esports Players Statistics

The top esports players have won over $7 million (Esports Earnings)

The top-earning esports player as of April 2024 is Johan Sundstein (popularly known as "N0tail"). He's made a total of $7.18 million to date.

Currently, 10 Esport players have won totals exceeding $5 million. And a total of 177 have exceeded the $1 million mark.

The leading female esports player has earned over $450,000 (Esports Earnings)

The top-earning female esports player as of April 2024 is Sasha Hostyn popularly known as Scarlett with a total of $465,500 – over 16x less than the top male esports player.

Currently, 4 female esports players have won totals exceeding $100,000.

And over 250 female esports players have won $10,000+.

Esports Viewer Statistics

There are an estimated 285.7 million esports enthusiasts (VentureBeat)

Esports audience size has grown year-over-year between 2019 and 2021.

In 2019, there were an estimated 197 million esports enthusiasts. And a further 200.8 million occasional esports viewers.

In 2021, these figures grew to 234 million esports enthusiasts. And a further 240 million occasional esports viewers.

In 2024, there are approximately 285.7 million esports enthusiasts. And an additional 291.6 million occasional viewers

More than half of esports views are from the Asia Pacific region (

Estimates show that well over half of esports views come from the Asia Pacific region – 41% more than any other region.


Europe is responsible for approximately 16% of views. While North America accounts for 12% of views.

The rest of the world makes up the remaining 15%.

Esports US Viewers Statistics

Approximately 3 in 4 Americans have no interest or have never heard of esports (Morning Consult)


As of April 2021, 59% of US respondents claimed they were “not a fan at all” of esports. A further 20% of respondents claim to have never heard of it.

In total, 20% of those surveyed claimed to be fans of Esport with 13% identifying as “casual fans”. And 7% identified as “avid fans”.

As of April 2023, esports has grown in popularity but it still remains relatively niche in the US.

In total, 74% of Americans are not a fan of esports. Just 17% are casual fans. And only 9% are avid fans.

Males are 3x more likely to be esports fans vs. females (Morning Consult)

In 2021, a total of 30% of male US respondents claimed to have some level of interest in esports.

By comparison, just 11% of female US respondents had some level of interest in esports.

As of 2023, 39% of males surveyed have an interest in esports.

And 14% of females asked are at least casual fans of esports.

US esports viewers surpassed an estimated 45 million in 2023 (eMarketer)

Viewing figures for esports in the US have grown year-over-year since 2018.

In 2018, US esports viewing figures totaled 25.7 million. This grew to 30.3 million in 2019. And 34.8 million in 2020.

This year, US esports viewing figures are estimated to be 39.2 million.

This figure was predicted to climb to 46.2 million in 2023.

Around 15.5% of US internet users watch esports (eMarketer)

In 2018, 9.2% of US internet users watched esports. This figure has grown year-over-year reaching 13.4% in 2021.

In 2023, it was forecast that 15.5% of US internet users would watch esports.


That’s all for our list of data and stats from the esports industry.

Clearly, esports is a steadily growing industry across much of the world. However, the US still lags behind Asia in terms of both interest and viewing figures.

Having been negatively affected by the pandemic, the esports industry looks set to continue its upward trajectory over the coming years.

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