Number Of Threads Users (June 2024)

by Anthony Cardillo
June 1, 2024

Meta’s launch of Threads in July 2023 quickly set records. In just seven hours, the platform gained 10 million users. 

However, growth has slowed down quite a bit since the initial launch. Meta has now shifted their focus to keeping users on the platform and increasing activity rather than adding new users. 

This up-to-date guide provides user statistics and other relevant data about the platform. Here’s what you can expect to learn about below.

Top Threads User Statistics

  • Threads currently has over 190 million users.
  • In just one hour, Threads surpassed 1 million users.
  • In 2 days, Threads reached 70 million users.
  • Neymar is the most followed Threads account with 15.8 million followers.
  • Threads currently has over 150 million monthly active users.

How Many Threads Users Are There?

According to the most recent data, there are more than 190 million threads users.

It took the platform 4 days and 6 hours to reach 100 million users. In the 327 days since the 100 million users mark, the platform has only added an additional 90 million users. 

Threads saw a larger month-over-month spike in users in December 2023 because of its launch in the European Union. European users can sign up for Threads without linking their Instagram account.

Threads' rise was also seen in the app store rankings. In December 2023, Threads ranked fourth above YouTube and Instagram with 12 million downloads.

Initially, growth slowed down after the first week but has picked up again in 2024.


Threads reached 100 million users in just 4 days. ChatGPT recently set this record for the fastest growth, but it took them 2 months to reach the 100 million mark.

According to live updates from Mark Zuckerberg on the Threads app, we tracked the timeline of total Threads users in the table below.

It's worth noting that Zuckerberg and the Threads team have stopped providing total user updates.

Total Users Time Since Launch Date
1 million 1 hour July 6
2 million 2 hours July 6
5 million 4 hours July 6
10 million 7 hours July 6
30 million 1 day 10 hours July 7
70 million 2 days 10 hours July 8
100 million 4 days 6 hours July 10
114 million 11 days 18 hours July 17
117 million 18 days 3 hours July 24
120 million 21 days 9 hours July 31
130 million 62 days 3 hours September 5
137 million 123 days 6 hours November 5
141 million 152 days 8 hours December 4
160 million 180 days 6 hours January 1
160 million 239 days 8 hours March 3
190 million 300 days 6 hours May 1

Sources: Quiver Quantitative, Mark Zuckerberg (Threads), TechCrunch

Threads User Growth

According to Mark Zuckerberg, Threads gained 70 million users within 48 hours of its launch. This makes Threads the fastest-growing social network in history by a large margin.


Meta and Threads have broken several records with this unprecedented launch. Previously set by ChatGPT in 5 days, Threads became the fastest platform to reach 1 million active users in only 1 hour.

It also took Threads 7 hours to reach 10 million users. ChatGPT is the only other online service to challenge this number. And it took them 40 days.

Here’s a comparison breakdown showing how long it took for some of the biggest online service brands in the world to reach 1 million and 10 million users compared to Threads.

Online Service Launch Year Time Taken to Reach 1 Million Users Time Taken to Reach 10 Million Users
Threads 2023 1 hour 7 hours
ChatGPT 2022 5 days 40 days
Clubhouse 2020 1 week 347 days
Instagram 2010 2.5 months 355 days
Spotify 2008 5 months 23 months
Dropbox 2008 7 months 19 months
Facebook 2004 10 months 852 days
Foursquare 2009 13 months 2 years
Twitter 2006 2 years 780 days
Airbnb 2008 2.5 years 4 years
Netflix 1999 3.5 years 9 years

Source: Threads, Statista

Threads User Activity

On July 6 when Threads was launched, 41.79 million daily active users were reported. That number climbed to 49.3 million on July 7. 

On July 14 it was reported that Threads' daily active users have dropped to 23.6 million. This is a sharp decline of 52% in one week. 

Based on August data, Threads' user activity has decreased even more. The platform currently has 10.3 million daily active users, down over 79% since the peak.

The time spent on the app has also dropped significantly. On July 7, users spent an average of 21 minutes daily on the app. This quickly dropped to an average of 3 minutes daily on the app.

Meanwhile, Twitter has 259 million daily active users who spend an average of 31 minutes per day on the app. 

Despite this initial decline after launching, platform activity has rebounded. During Meta's Q1 2024 earnings call, Mark Zuckerberg stated Threads now has more than 150 million monthly active users.


Source: Similarweb, The Verge, TechCrunch, Social Media Today 

Most Followed Threads Accounts

Mr. Beast was the first account to reach 1 million followers on Instagram. He reached this number faster than Mark Zuckerberg.

Neymar is currently the most followed account on Threads. He has amassed a following of 15.8 million since joining the platform.


Here are ten of the most followed accounts on Threads right now.

# Account Total Followers
1 Neymar 15.8 million
2 Selena Gomez 14.8 million
3 Kylie Jenner 13.0 million
4 Kim Kardashian 11.6 million
5 Jennifer Lopez 9.6 million
6 Shakira 8.5 million
7 Mr. Beast 8.3 million
8 Will Smith 7.9 million
9 Khloe Kardashian 7.8 million
10 Miley Cyrus 7.5 million

Source: USA Today


Threads' rapid growth can be attributed to the massive user base on Instagram and Facebook already. But we still cannot ignore what Meta is accomplishing with its Twitter alternative.

After seeing Threads break the 100 million user record, the growth has slowed down a bit, and the platform has shifted its strategy to increase user activity. 

To keep pace with this rapid growth, you can check back for regular updates as we gather more data about the platform.