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By Google Search Volume Growth (Last 10 Years)

What can we see?

Podcast interest has a hockey stick growth shape and has rocketed over the last 10 years. Meanwhile, searches for YouTube have plummeted year after year.

But the absolute number of searches for “YouTube” is WAY higher than for “Podcast”. “YouTube” gets 100s of millions of searches per month. YouTube is clearly here to stay.

It’s also worth noting:

YouTube has developed a brand as THE place to go for video content on the web. Many people don’t search for “YouTube” via Google. They now just go straight to YouTube! So this could be a massive factor behind the fall in google searches for YouTube.

So overall it’s clear:

The podcast industry is booming right now and search demand for “podcast” shows exponential growth. YouTube’s Google search growth doesn’t look quite as impressive. But that might not be the full picture. And YouTube still makes podcasts look TINY in comparison.