24+ Digital Calendar and Time Management App Stats (2024)

by Fabio Duarte
May 13, 2024

Interest in calendar and scheduling software is on the rise.

Market growth is currently being driven by AI integration and an increase in remote work.

Below, we’ll dive into the top statistics surrounding digital calendars, time management, and online appointment scheduling.


Top 5 Appointment Scheduling Statistics

  • The calendar app market is predicted to more than triple in value by 2030
  • Calendly has a 26.56% scheduling app market share
  • 70% of adults use digital calendars
  • Around 1 in 2 people access a digital calendar on their phone
  • Calendly has over 20 million users

Digital Calendar and Appointment Scheduling Market Value

The calendar app market is worth over $5 billion (Verified Market Research)


The latest data reveals that the calendar app market is valued at $5.71 billion.

The appointment scheduling software market is worth almost $500 million (Fortune Business Insights)

As of 2024, the appointment scheduling software market is worth $470.7 million.

By 2032, the market is expected to hit $1.55 billion, growing at a CAGR of 16.1%.

The calendar app market is expected to more than triple by 2030 (Verified Market Research)

The calendar app market is forecast to grow at a CAGR of 10.4%, hitting $16.37 billion by 2030. That’s over 3x more than the current $5.71 billion valuation.

Scheduling App Market Share

Scheduling apps have a total market penetration of 51.68% (T3 Technology Hub)


Scheduling app market penetration continues to grow year-over-year.

In 2021, scheduling apps had a market share of 26.37%. That figure rose to 47.23% in 2022 and 51.68% in 2023.

Calendly has the largest scheduling app market share (T3 Technology Hub)

With a market share of 26.56%, around 1 in 4 scheduling app users choose Calendly.


Here are the top 10 scheduling apps by market share:

Rank Scheduling App Market Share
1 Calendly 26.56%
2 Outlook Calendar 18.62%
3 ScheduleOnce 5.98%
4 Redtail Scheduler 4.56%
5 Microsoft Bookings 2.06%
6 Acuity 1.87%
7 HubSpot 0.88%
8 TimeTrade 0.6%
9 Benjamin 0.15%
10 0.12%

Online Calendar and Appointment Scheduling User Stats

7 in 10 adults rely on digital calendars (ECAL)

According to an ECAL survey of 1,000 participants, 70% of adults use digital calendars the most to manage their lives.


Almost 50% of people use a mobile calendar app (ECAL)

When asked how users access their digital calendar, almost half (46.7%) said they use a mobile calendar app.

By contrast, 23.3% use a desktop calendar app. And 28.3% use a paper calendar/journal/planner.

Males are slightly more likely to use digital calendars than females (ECAL)

Data shows that 73% of males rely on digital calendars compared to 67% of females.

Interestingly, a greater proportion of females (32.1%) use paper diaries than males (24.6%).

However, males are more likely to use desktop calendars (25.2% vs 21.3% for females).

Around 2 in 3 healthcare appointments are scheduled online (Zippia)

The majority of healthcare appointments (67%) are made online.


And 40% are made after business hours.

Half of Calendly’s users are based in the US (SignHouse)

With a market share of over 25%, Calendly is the leading digital calendar platform.

In total, 49.97% of Calendly users are American.


Here’s a breakdown of Calendly’s users by region:

Country Proportion of Calendly Users
US 49.97%
UK 5.08%
Canada 5.06%
France 2.88%
Germany 2.75%
Other 34.36%

Calendly has over 20 million users (Calendly)

As of late 2023, Calendly claimed to have more than 20 million users.

In addition, over 100,000 businesses reportedly use Calendly.

Google Calendar has over 1.2 billion monthly visitors (Similarweb)

Between January 2024 and March 2024, Google Calendar averaged 1.215 billion monthly visits.

The peak month was January in which 1.231 billion visits were recorded.

The average Google Calendar visit lasts over 6 minutes (Similarweb, WebsiteBuilderExpert)


On average, the amount of time spent on Google Calendar is 6 minutes and 25 seconds.

That’s significantly (over 6x) more than the time spent on the average website (53 seconds).

Google Calendar has a bounce rate of approximately 38.51%. On average, 5.53 pages are accessed per Google Calendar visit.

The top period tracking app has been downloaded around 3 million times (AppMagic)

As of September 2023, Flo Period & Pregnancy Tracker is the most downloaded period tracking app with 2.97 million downloadsalmost 2x more than any other period tracker.


Here are the top 10 period tracking apps by number of downloads:

Rank Period Tracking App Downloads
1 Flo Period & Pregnancy Tracker 2.97 million
2 Period Calendar Period Tracker 1.67 million
3 Meiyou 0.82 million
4 My Calendar – Period Tracker 0.62 million
5 Clue Period Tracker & Calendar 0.43 million
6 Clover – Safe Period Tracker 0.37 million
7 Period Tracker Ovulation Cycle 0.27 million
8 Clue Period Tracker & Calendar (German localization) 0.23 million
9 Wocute – Period Calendar 0.16 million
10 Period Tracker My Cycle 0.09 million


The digital calendar market is set to continue its upward trajectory, especially among smartphone users.

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