20 Most Popular AI Tools Ranked (July 2024)

by Anthony Cardillo
July 6, 2024

This is a detailed list of the most popular AI tools in 2024, ranked by total monthly website visits.

Traffic data was collected from Semrush and Similarweb, two reliable keyword research and web analytics platforms.

We also calculated the total traffic volume of all 20 tools to generate the estimated market share for each individual AI tool. All traffic data comes from June 2024 traffic estimates.

Top 20 Most Popular AI Tools

Ranking AI Tool Monthly Traffic Market Share of Industry Total
1 ChatGPT 3,000,000,000 52.37%
2 Canva 833,000,000 14.54%
3 Google Gemini 422,200,000 7.37%
4 DeepL 319,600,000 5.58%
5 Character AI 263,100,000 4.59%
6 100,500,000 1.75%
7 QuillBot 100,400,000 1.75%
8 Grammarly 92,200,000 1.61%
9 JanitorAI 76,500,000 1.34%
10 Perplexity AI 73,200,000 1.28%
11 Claude 71,800,000 1.25%
12 Suno 71,100,000 1.24%
13 Poe 62,900,000 1.10%
14 CapCut 57,100,000 1.00%
15 OpenAI Playground 42,210,000 0.74%
16 Microsoft Copilot 34,710,000 0.61%
17 Quizizz 33,900,000 0.59%
18 ElevenLabs 28,600,000 0.50%
19 DeepAI 26,800,000 0.47%
20 Mathway 18,200,000 0.32%

What Is The Most Popular AI Tool?

As of June 2024, ChatGPT is the most popular AI tool in the world. The AI chatbot receives 3.0 billion monthly website visits from over 180 million users.

The next most popular AI tools are Canva, Google’s Gemini, DeepL, and Character AI. These four tools combined only account for 1.837 billion monthly website visits (32.08%), falling well short of ChatGPT’s 52.37% market share.

As you can see from our list, no other AI tool generates the traffic ChatGPT does on a monthly basis. However, other big names in the generative AI and chatbot space, like Gemini, Claude AI, and Perplexity AI, have decent market share as well.

Since the AI industry is relatively new, many of these tools are still growing their traffic and adding new users. Here are ten notable AI tools from the list that we want to highlight.

1. Perplexity AI


5-year search growth: 9,200%

Search growth status: Exploding

Monthly traffic (Global): 73,200,000

Description: Perplexity AI is a chat-based conversational search engine that uses various deep learning and large language models to answer user queries. The tool currently supports over 10 million monthly active users and processes 169 million queries per month.

2. Claude


5-year search growth: 7,000%

Search growth status: Exploding

Monthly traffic (Global): 71,800,000

Description: Developed by Anthropic, Claude is a conversational AI assistant that prioritizes AI safety by producing “helpful, honest, and harmless” content. In March 2024, Anthropic released Claude 3, their latest family of AI models (Haiku, Sonnet, and Opus), in 159+ countries. Anthropic is also one of the most funded and highest-valued private AI companies at $18.4 billion.

3. Google Gemini


5-year search growth: 6,900%

Search growth status: Exploding

Monthly traffic (Global): 422,200,000

Description: Gemini, formerly known as Bard, is a family of multimodal AI models developed by Google DeepMind. Like ChatGPT, Gemini is available as a chatbot to answer questions, create images, translate languages, write code, and more.

One day after releasing Gemini Advanced, Google One surpassed 100 million users. The Google Gemini mobile app also has over 5 million downloads on the Google Play Store since launching in February 2024.

4. Microsoft Copilot


5-year search growth: 7,800%

Search growth status: Regular

Monthly traffic (Global): 34,710,000

Description: Microsoft Copilot is an AI-powered productivity tool and conversational chatbot. Because of Microsoft’s $13 billion investment in OpenAI, Copilot uses the startup’s latest models, including Dall-E 3, GPT-4, and GPT-4o. Microsoft has claimed that more than 1 million customers and 37,000+ organizations use Copilot.

5. DeepL


5-year search growth: 513%

Search growth status: Exploding

Monthly traffic (Global): 319,600,000

Description: DeepL provides translation services using artificial neural networks. The app is known for delivering high-quality translations in 31 different languages, including more natural-sounding translations with accurate grammar and context.

The company recently released DeepL Write, an AI writing assistant that helps with grammar, spelling, and punctuation while offering suggestions to improve clarity, tone, and style. More than 10 million people use the service monthly, including 500,000+ Pro members.

6. Canva


5-year search growth: 1,700%

Search growth status: Exploding

Monthly traffic (Global): 833,000,000

Description: Canva is an AI-powered graphic design tool where users can create presentations, logos, banners, etc. The design platform also offers a suite of AI tools known as the Magic Studio, which includes an AI art, text, and design generator. Today, Canva has over 170 million active customers.

7. Poe


5-year search growth: 7,300%

Search growth status: Regular

Monthly traffic (Global): 62,900,000

Description: Developed by Quora, Poe is an AI chatbot aggregator that allows users to create custom bots or access existing models. It supports some of the best AI models, including ChatGPT, GPT-4o, Claude 3, DALLE 3, and Google's Gemini. The app generated $7.3 million from 40,000 paid user subscriptions.

8. DeepAI


5-year search growth: 8,500%

Search growth status: Regular

Monthly traffic (Global): 26,800,000

Description: DeepAI is an online collection of AI tools, including a conversational chatbot and multiple image, video, and music generator features. It's positioned as a more basic, cheaper alternative for users who want to understand AI content production better on a budget.

9. ElevenLabs


5-year search growth: 99x+

Search growth status: Exploding

Monthly traffic (Global): 28,600,000

Description: ElevenLabs ElevenLabs is a speech synthesis company that offers AI-assisted text-to-speech, speech-to-speech, voice cloning, and more. Users can generate audio in 29 different languages and 120 unique voices. In January 2024, the startup crossed 1 million registered users after raising $80 million in Series B funding at a valuation of $1 billion.

10. CapCut


5-year search growth: 7,700%

Search growth status: Regular

Monthly traffic (Global): 57,100,000

Description: Known for their viral video templates on TikTok, CapCut is an AI video editing platform owned by ByteDance. CapCut's suite of tools includes video editing, templates, a music library, and various AI features like background removal, auto-captions, and text-to-speech. According to the latest data, CapCut has 490 million iOS and Android users (approximately 25% of TikTok’s user base).


This concludes our comprehensive list of the most popular AI tools in 2024.

Many of these tools are conversational chatbots (ChatGPT and Claude), photo or video editing platforms (Canva and CapCut), and writing assistants (QuillBot and Grammarly).

Check back regularly to find new popular AI tools and updated traffic data.