Top People Searched on Google (Apr 2023)

by Josh Howarth
March 31, 2023

In this post, we’ll cover the top 100 most searched people on Google in the United States.

The data for these lists was gathered from a variety of sources, but ultimately verified by Semrush for monthly search volume.

Please note that fictional characters were removed from these lists. That way, only real people are included. Names appear as searched.

Top 100 Most Searched People In the US

Rank Person US Search Volume
1 Queen Elizabeth 7.5 million
2 Damar Hamlin 6.1 million
=3 Johnny Depp 5 million
=3 Amber Heard 5 million
=5 Elon Musk 4.1 million
=5 Andrew Tate 4.1 million
=7 Trump 3.4 million
=7 Tom Brady 3.4 million
=7 Will Smith 3.4 million
=7 Jenna Ortega 3.4 million
11 Kim Kardashian 2.7 million
=12 Kanye West 1.8 million
=12 Anne Heche 1.8 million
=12 Millie Bobby Brown 1.8 million
=12 Britney Grinner 1.8 million
=12 LeBron James 1.8 million
=12 Pete Davidson 1.8 million
=18 Jeremy Renner 1.5 million
=18 Tom Holland 1.5 million
=18 Rihanna 1.5 million
=18 Zendaya 1.5 million
=18 Meghan Markle 1.5 million
=18 Justin Bieber 1.5 million
=18 Cristiano Ronaldo 1.5 million
=18 Val Kilmer 1.5 million
=18 Ryan Reynolds 1.5 million
=18 Jennifer Aniston 1.5 million
=18 Britney Spears 1.5 million
=18 Aaron Rodgers 1.5 million
=18 Kyrie Irving 1.5 million
=18 Serena Williams 1.5 million
=18 Kari Lake 1.5 million
=18 Austin Butler 1.5 million
=18 Ana de Armas 1.5 million
=18 Bruce Willis 1.5 million
=41 Billie Eilish 1.2 million
=41 Sandra Bullock 1.2 million
=41 Jada Pinkett Smith 1.2 million
=41 Anna Delvey (Anna Sorokin) 1.2 million
=41 Bad Bunny 1.2 million
=41 Eminem 1.2 million
=41 Ariana Grande 1.2 million
=41 Selena Gomez 1.2 million
=41 Jennifer Lopez 1.2 million
=41 Kylie Jenner 1.2 million
=41 Michael Jackson 1.2 million
=41 Olivia Newton-John 1.2 million
=41 Tiger Woods 1.2 million
=41 Doja Cat 1.2 million
=41 Joe Burrow 1.2 million
=41 Kevin Durant 1.2 million
=41 Marilyn Monroe 1.2 million
=41 Ezra Miller 1.2 million
=41 Chris Rock 1.2 million
=41 Shakira 1.2 million
=41 Prince Harry 1.2 million
=62 Joe Rogan 1 million
=62 Adam Sandler 1 million
=62 Scarlett Johansson 1 million
=62 Dua Lipa 1 million
=62 Evan Peters 1 million
=62 Joseph Quinn 1 million
=62 Messi 1 million
=62 Drake 1 million
=62 Leonardo DiCaprio 1 million
=62 Brad Pitt 1 million
=62 Ben Affleck 1 million
=62 Chris Hemsworth 1 million
=62 Dolly Parton 1 million
=62 Olivia Rodrigo 1 million
=62 Sadie Sink 1 million
=62 Megan Fox 1 million
=62 Kourtney Kardashian 1 million
=62 Jack Harlow 1 million
=62 Megan Thee Stallion 1 million
=62 Winona Ryder 1 million
=62 Miley Cyrus 1 million
=62 Madonna 1 million
=62 Priscilla Presley 1 million
=85 Nicki Minaj 823,000
=85 Mariah Carey 823,000
=85 Andrew Garfield 823,000
=85 Robert Pattinson 823,000
=85 Zac Efron 823,000
=85 Beyonce 823,000
=85 Snoop Dogg 823,000
=85 Cardi B 823,000
=85 Mark Wahlberg 823,000
=85 Ryan Gosling 823,000
=85 Chris Evans 823,000
=85 Angelina Jolie 823,000
=85 George Clooney 823,000
=85 Steph Curry 823,000
=85 Giannis Antetokounmpo 823,000
=85 Kendall Jenner 823,000

Who is the most searched person on Google in the US?

According to a variety of sources, Queen Elizabeth II is the most searched person on Google, followed by Damar Hamlin.

Who is the most Googled person globally?

As of April 2023, the most searched person on Google globally was actor Johnny Depp followed closely by actress Amber Heard.

Their split in 2017 and the transpiring dramatic events led to Depp suing Heard for $50 million in a defamation lawsuit. This coverage led to a large spike in the number of people searching for the couple.

Interesting Observations About The Most Googled People

  • Most highly-Googled people are world-class athletes, famous actors, musicians, or strong political leaders.
  • People don’t stay trending as long as companies and brands do. Typically, an individual will be popular for a week or two at most before another catchy headline with a new person sparks the public interest.
  • There are a handful of people (the likes of Elon Musk, Tom Brady, and Selena Gomez) that tend to remain in the top 100 regardless of the current news cycle.

Now, let’s take a closer look at recent trending people searched on Google.

1. Elon Musk


5-year search growth: 140%

Search growth status: Peaked

Search Volume (US): 4,100,000

Search Volume (Global): 12,700,000

Description: Elon Musk is an American entrepreneur that has founded six companies including Tesla, SpaceX, and The Boring Company. He also has the highest net worth of any individual in the world, sitting at around $190 billion. Elon has caught the attention of the media recently for his acquisition of the social media company Twitter.

2. Vladimir Putin


5-year search growth: 22%

Search growth status: Peaked

Search Volume (US): 1,800,000

Search Volume (Global): 11,100,000

Description: Vladimir Putin is a former Russian officer and legislator who served as the president from 1999-2008, the prime minister from 2008-2012, and president once again from 2012 to today. Putin has been in the news recently due to the conflict with Ukraine which intensified in early 2022.

3. Kanye West


5-year search growth: -63%

Search growth status: Peaked

Search Volume (US): 2,200,000

Search Volume (Global): 5,000,000

Description: Kanye West (also known as Ye) is an American rapper, producer, and fashion designer. Kanye has recently taken the spotlight in a negative way, as he made derogatory comments about Jewish people via his Instagram and Twitter accounts. Both companies removed his posts and since then he has been dropped from major brands including Adidas, JPMorgan Chase, Gap, Balenciaga, and many more, which decreased his net worth below a billion for the first time in many years.

4. Joe Biden


5-year search growth: 300%

Search growth status: Peaked

Search Volume (US): 1,800,000

Search Volume (Global): 3,100,000

Description: Joe Biden is an American Democratic Party politician and current President of the United States. Biden first served as a member of the Senate for the state of Delaware for 36 years before becoming the Vice President of the United States under Barack Obama from 2009 to 2017. After his third presidential campaign, Biden won the election over Donald Trump in November 2020.

5. Tom Brady


5-year search growth: 42%

Search growth status: Peaked

Search Volume (US): 3,400,000

Search Volume (Global): 4,700,000

Description: Tom Brady is an American football quarterback who has played 23 NFL seasons. He spent his first 20 years playing for the New England Patriots, where he won 6 of his Super Bowl rings. After moving on from the franchise, he joined the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, where he won another Super Bowl ring, giving him a total of 7. Brady has been in the news recently following his sudden divorce from Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bündchen in late 2022.


This wraps up our lists of the top searched people in the US.

As you may have noticed from this list, people with the most search volume growth have typically been in the news recently, and their actions, whether good or bad, have caught the attention of social media users and major news outlets.

If you enjoyed this list, check our regularly-updated list of top Google searches.