100 Most Asked Questions on Google In 2024

by Brian Dean
July 18, 2024

We analyzed over 4 billion search terms to identify the questions that people search for the most on Google. 

Below we'll share the list of the top 100 most searched questions in Google. Along with the monthly search volume figures for each keyword (based on searches over the last 12 months). 

100 Most Asked Questions on Google

# Question Monthly Searches
1 What to watch 964,000
2 What is my IP 800,000
3 When is Mother's Day 2024 681,000
4 How many weeks in a year 486,000
5 How many days until Christmas 434,000
6 How to screenshot on Mac 396,000
7 What time is it 390,000
8 How many ounces in a gallon 383,000
9 When is Easter 2024 369,000
10 How many ounces in a cup 353,000
11 What time is the Super Bowl 346,000
=12 Who won the Super Bowl 2024 345,000
=12 What time is the eclipse 345,000
14 How to screenshot on Windows 342,000
15 What is Juneteenth 324,000
16 When is Easter 318,000
17 When is the Super Bowl 317,000
18 How to tie a tie 284,000
19 When is Thanksgiving 282,000
20 How old is Taylor Swift 267,000
21 What is my IP address 251,000
22 How many ounces in a pound 247,000
23 What day is it 243,000
24 When is Mother's Day 225,000
25 How many cups in a quart 221,000
26 How many oz in a gallon 199,000
27 Who called me from this phone number 196,000
=28 How many quarts in a gallon 191,000
=28 When is the solar eclipse 191,000
=30 How many people are in the world 188,000
=30 When is Daylight Savings 188,000
32 When is the next full moon 185,000
33 How to write a check 183,000
34 How many oz in a cup 182,000
35 How long to boil eggs 179,000
36 When is Father's Day 177,000
37 Where am I 175,000
38 How many grams in an ounce 174,000
39 How many seconds in a day 172,000
40 How much house can I afford 171,000
41 What holiday is today 170,000
42 How many days till Christmas 168,000
=43 How to delete Instagram account 148,000
=43 What is Hamas 148,000
=45 How many feet in a mile 145,000
=45 How to take a screenshot on Windows 145,000
47 How many liters in a gallon 144,000
48 How many tablespoons in a cup 143,000
49 How many teaspoons in a tablespoon 142,000
50 How many steps in a mile 141,000
51 How many cups in a gallon 140,000
=52 How to deactivate Facebook 135,000
=52 How to delete Facebook account 135,000
=52 How to lower blood pressure 135,000
55 What is pansexual 133,000
56 What does Pookie mean 129,000
=57 What is RSV 127,000
=57 How to boil eggs 127,000
59 Where my refund 126,000
60 How old is Travis Kelce 125,000
61 How to lose weight fast 124,000
62 What time does the Super Bowl start 123,000
63 What is Temu 122,000
=64 When does the time change 121,000
=64 How many countries are there 121,000
66 When is Black Friday 120,000
67 How did Matthew Perry die 119,000
=68 What channel is the Super Bowl on 118,000
=68 When is the next solar eclipse 118,000
70 How to screenshot on Chromebook 117,000
=71 How to delete Facebook 116,000
=71 How to make French toast 116,000
73 What is the date today 115,000
74 When is Ramadan 114,000
75 When does daylight savings time start 113,000
76 What does WTV mean 112,000
77 When is Valentine's Day 111,000
78 How to cook rice 110,000
79 How many teaspoons in a cup 109,000
80 How to change AirPod name 108,000
81 How to bake bacon 107,000
82 How old is Donald Trump 106,000
=83 How many cups in a pint 105,000
=83 How many days in a year 105,000
=85 When is Hanukkah 104,000
=85 What is AI 104,000
=85 What does OP mean 104,000
88 What is OnlyFans 103,000
89 How many cups in a liter 102,000
90 What does mid mean 101,000
91 How many cups in a pound 100,000
92 When is Memorial Day 2024 98,000
93 When is Passover 2024 97,000
=94 What does let cook mean 96,000
=94 What is NATO 96,000
=96 How to buy bitcoin 95,000
=96 What Is gaslighting  95,000
=96 How to find IP address 95,000
99 How to make money online 94,000
100 How to say hi in Spanish 93,000

Most Searched Questions Breakdown

Most searched what question: "What to watch?"

Most searched where question: "Where am I?"

Most searched when question: "When is Mother's Day 2024?"

Most searched how question: "How many weeks in a year?"

Most searched who question: "Who won the Super Bowl 2024?"

Top Google Questions By Type

Here's a quick breakdown of the types of questions that people ask Google most often (based on the top 100 questions list above):

What: 25 times
How: 52 times
When: 19 times
Where: 2 times
Who: 2 times


What: 25%
How: 52%
When: 19%
Where: 2%
Who: 2%

Note: The sum exceeds 100% due to rounding, but it gives you a good estimate of the distribution of the starting words.

From this breakdown, "How" is the most common starting word for the questions, making up 52% of the list.

This list includes lots of fairly mainstream questions that don't tend to change from year to year (for example, people have been searching for "How many days until Christmas" for years). However, we wanted to pull out a few questions that are showing signs of more recent growth. 

1. What is AI 


5-year search growth: 1,520%

Search growth status: Exploding

Monthly Searches: 104,000

Description: Recent advancements in AI, particularly in generative AI, have created a public buzz around the topic. Tools like ChatGPT, Claude, and Perplexity have given anybody with an internet connection direct access to AI today. In fact, the global AI market grew from $50 billion in 2023 to $184 billion in 2024

2. What Does Pookie Mean


5-year search growth: 7,800%

Search growth status: Exploding

Monthly Searches: 129,000

Description: Because of a viral couple on TikTok (Hunt Puckett and Jett Puckett), the term "Pookie" became a talking point on the platform. They famously post outfit check videos together where Jett refers to refers to Campbell as "Pookie." On TikTok, there's even a dedicated "Pookie Meaning" channel with videos generating millions of views. 

3. How Many Steps In A Mile


5-year search growth: 32%

Search growth status: Regular

Monthly Searches: 141,000

Description: It’s estimated that 115.8 million Americans walk for fitness and exercise purposes. Plus, new devices like smart watches make it easier to track your total steps for the day. However, a large number of people want to see how their daily steps equate to distance (specifically, miles). 

4. What Is Gaslighting


5-year search growth: 191%

Search growth status: Regular

Monthly Searches: 107,000

Description: Gaslighting is a psychological manipulation tactic designed to make someone doubt their memory, perception, or sanity. It’s gained popularity and become a widely used term because of its use on social media platforms (like X). Gaslighting was named the word of the year in 2022 by Merriam-Webster.

5. How To Say Hi In Spanish


5-year search growth: 49%

Search growth status: Regular

Monthly Searches: 93,000

Description: Spanish is spoken by over 460 million people natively, making it the second-most spoken language globally. Since 1980, there has been a 233% increase in Spanish speakers in the US. Because Spanish is the fastest-growing language in the US, it’s common for people to learn popular phrases like “Hi” on Google.

6. How To Make Money Online


5-year search growth: 17%

Search growth status: Regular

Monthly Searches: 94,000

Description: Due to downturns in the economy, layoffs, and the growth of remote work, Americans are more interested than ever in earning money online to increase their income. In fact, the number of freelancers in the gig economy is expected to grow to 86.5 million and will account for 50.9 percent of the total workforce in the US by 2027.

7. What Is Temu


5-year search growth: 4,900%

Search growth status: Regular

Monthly Searches: 122,000

Description: Temu is a new Chinese e-commerce marketplace that sells low-cost everyday products. Temu products are regularly advertised on social media platforms, causing Google searches about the company to skyrocket. Today, there are more than 100 million users buying items from Temu in the United States. 

How We Generated This List

To find these questions we first sorted through a list of over 4 billion search terms. 

Specifically, we searched for keywords containing a question, like "where" and "how"). We then manually curated the list to remove duplicate questions (ie. the same question phrased slightly differently). 

Finally, we looked up the search volume for each term using third party SEO software. And ranked the questions based on which terms generate the most monthly searches in Google.