Top 50 SaaS Companies (2024)

by Josh Howarth
April 2, 2024

With the aid of cloud computing, SaaS has exploded in recent years.

Total global SaaS market revenue is expected to reach $282.2B in 2024. And this market is forecasted to grow at a CAGR of 7.33% by 2028, highlighting strong demand for these products.

Several companies have entered (and are entering) this space trying to capitalize on this opportunity.

In fact, there are approximately 30,000 SaaS companies worldwide, with around 17,000 of them based in the United States.

With this in mind, we present some of the top SaaS companies in the world.

1. Adobe


Founded: 1982

HQ: San Jose, California

CEO: Shantanu Narayen

Market Cap: $250.2B

Revenue: $19.4 billion

Number of Employees: 29,000+

What they do: Adobe is an American multinational software company. Founded in December 1982, the company was known best for its Adobe Creative Suite, a bundle of creativity software like Photoshop. In 2013, the company pivoted the Creative Suite into a SaaS offering known as the Adobe Creative Cloud. This signaled Adobe’s push into the SaaS space. With more than 26,000 employees worldwide, the company brought a record $12.95B in ARR from their SaaS products during Q2 2022.

2. Microsoft


Founded: 1975

HQ: Redmond, Washington

CEO: Satya Nadella

Market Cap: $3.0T

Revenue: $211.9 billion

Number of Employees: 221,000+

What they do: Microsoft is one of the best-known technology companies in the world. Microsoft’s SaaS journey began in 2010 when they launched Microsoft Azure, a cloud-based operating system. The $1T+ company now provides several SaaS offerings like Microsoft 365, GitHub, and Azure.

3. Salesforce


Founded: 1999

HQ: San Francisco, California

CEO: Marc Benioff

Market Cap: $288.7B

Revenue: $34.8 billion

Number of Employees: 79,000+

What they do: Often regarded as one of the pioneers of SaaS, Salesforce is a cloud-based software company founded back in 1999. The company’s flagship SaaS is a cloud-based CRM platform currently used by over 150,000 subscribers, making up approximately 23.8% of the total CRM market share.

4. Shopify


Founded: 2006

HQ: Ontario, Canada

CEO: Tobias Lutke

Market Cap: $97.7B

Revenue: $7.0 billion

Number of Employees: 8,300+

What they do: Shopify is a Canadian eCommerce company with headquarters in Ontario. The company’s flagship product is an eCommerce platform designed to help people and businesses manage their online stores. Founded in 2006, Shopify went public in 2015 and currently employs over 10,000 people.

5. Linktree


Founded: 2016

HQ: Melbourne, Australia

CEO: Alex Zaccaria

Funding: $165M

Revenue: $37 million

Number of Employees: 250+

What they do: Linktree is a social media SaaS company. Specifically, the startup provides a “link-in-bio” solution for TikTok and Instagram. Linktree generates a single link that can be shared on social media profiles. Once a user clicks on this link, they will be directed to a page containing links to the creator’s other social media platforms, websites or recommended brands. The startup claims they were the first SaaS-based link-in-bio tool. With 24 million users and close to 40,000 new signups per day, Linktree is a leader in this space.

6. Shapr3D


Founded: 2015

HQ: Budapest, Hungary

CEO: Istvan Csanady

Funding: $21.8M

Revenue: $11 million

Number of Employees: 135+

What they do: The company takes pride in that they have pioneered the “portable CAD software.” Basically, Shapr3D’s SaaS offering is a 3D CAD software compatible with tablets and laptops. The application is used by over 1 million people.

7. Miro


Founded: 2011

HQ: San Francisco, California

CEO: Andrey Khusid

Funding: $476.3M

Revenue: $191.4 million

Number of Employees: 2,500+

What they do: Back in 2011, Miro started simply as a browser-based whiteboard. Fast forward eleven years, and Miro is now a SaaS company offering an online visual collaboration workspace. With over 30 million users and nearly all Fortune 100 companies as clients, the company raised a $400M Series C round at a valuation of $17.5B.

8. Intercom


Founding Year: 2011

HQ: San Francisco, California

CEO: Eoghan McCabe

Funding: $240.8M

Revenue: $250 million

Number of Employees: 1,000+

What they do: Intercom operates in the sales SaaS space. They provide a messaging solution that serves as a customer engagement channel. You might have noticed that when you visit a website, a small messaging window pops up on your screen. This window lets you chat with a bot or a person in case you have any questions you’d like answered. Intercom is a provider of that messaging system. Used by over 25,000 businesses, including major companies like Meta, Amazon and Microsoft, Intercom powers more than 500 million conversations per month. The company brought $250M in ARR in 2022.

9. Klaviyo


Founded: 2012

HQ: Boston, Massachusetts

CEO: Andrew Bialecki

Market Cap: $7.52B

Revenue: $698 million

Number of Employees: 1,800+

What they do: Klaviyo provides eCommerce marketing automation solutions for email and SMS. Companies use Klaviyo to implement pre-built automations, real-time segmentation and customized campaign templates. Klaviyo’s email marketing SaaS is used by over 100,000 paying brands. Shopify recently announced they plan to make Klaviyo the recommended email product for Shopify Premium subscribers, a move that was followed by a $100M strategic investment from Shopify.

10. LeadIQ


Founded: 2015

HQ: San Francisco, California

CEO: Mei Siauw

Funding: $40M

Revenue: $6.1 million

Number of Employees: 150+

What they do: LeadIQ is a prospecting SaaS platform helping companies with lead management and sales prospecting. The San Francisco-based company brings eight-digit ARR.

11. Cockroach Labs


Founded: 2015

HQ: New York, New York

CEO: Spencer Kimball

Market Cap: $633.1M

Revenue: $120 million

Number of Employees: 550+

What they do: Valued at $5B, Cockroach Labs is the company behind CockroachDB, an open-source cloud-native distributed SQL database. Used by over 200 companies, the startup saw a 3x increase in their ARR last year. Cockroach has also made a name for itself across the open-source community (their project has over 25,000 stars on GitHub).

12. Canva


Founded: 2012

HQ: Sydney, Australia

CEO: Melanie Perkins

Funding: $572.6M

Revenue: $1.7 billion 

Number of Employees: 3,500+

What they do: Canva’s value proposition is simple: they provide graphic design software so user-friendly that non-designers can use it. With over 60 million monthly active users across 190 countries, Canva is one of the fastest-growing SaaS startups. Furthermore, a $200M round raised in 2021 valued the company at $40B, solidifying Canva as one of the most valuable private SaaS companies. The startup exceeded $1B in ARR in 2021.

13. Dukaan


Founded: 2019

HQ: Bangalore, India

CEO: Suumit Shah

Funding: $17M

Revenue: $1 million

Number of Employees: 60+

What they do: Dukaan is an all-in-one eCommerce platform. They market themselves as Shopify for India. The $71M-valued startup has facilitated over 1.5 million transactions and forecasts $10M in ARR in 2022.

14. Mentimeter


Founded: 2014

HQ: Stockholm, Sweden

CEO: Johnny Warstrom

Funding: $42.6M

Revenue: $70.5 million

Number of Employees: 350+

What they do: Mentimeter is a SaaS platform for creating interactive presentations. Presenters can add activities like polls, quizzes, word clouds, etc., to their presentations. As one of the more well-known players in this space, the platform has already been used by over 14 million presenters.

15. LeadSquared


Founded: 2011

HQ: Bangalore, India

CEO: Nilesh Patel

Funding: $187.9M

Revenue: $74.9 million

Number of Employees: 1,400+

What they do: LeadSquared is a lead management software. They allow businesses to track and manage their leads throughout their sales funnel. The $1B+ valued company is on track to bring in approximately $24M in revenue in 2022.

16. InVideo


Founded: 2017

HQ: Singapore, Singapore

CEO: Sanket Shah

Funding: $18.2M

Revenue: $18.1 million

Number of Employees: 120+

What they do: InVideo operates in the video creation software market. Specifically, the company provides a collaborative in-browser video editor that can be used across devices. The software’s ease of usage and extensive library of templates are some reasons why InVideo has attracted over 7 million customers in around 190 countries.

17. Fieldwire


Founded: 2013

HQ: San Francisco, California

CEO: Yves Frinault

Funding: $41.2M

Revenue: $27.3 million

Number of Employees: 250+

What they do: Many startups are trying to launch a SaaS platform to digitize the construction industry. And Fieldwire is one of these startups. The company has built a job site management software where construction teams can coordinate, track projects and monitor risk compliance. Fieldwire powers over one million job sites worldwide.

18. Datadog


Founded: 2010

HQ: New York, New York

CEO: Olivier Pomel

Market Cap: $43.4B

Revenue: $2.1 billion

Number of Employees: 5,200+

What they do: Datadog provides cloud monitoring-as-a-service for IT and DevOps teams. The NY-based company has over 2,420 customers spending $100K+/year on their services (this number has grown 54% from June 2021).

19. CrowdStrike Holdings


Founded: 2011

HQ: Austin, Texas

CEO: George Kurtz

Market Cap: $78.3B

Revenue: $3.0 billion

Number of Employees: 7,200+

What they do: CrowsdStrike Holdings is a SaaS cybersecurity company. They provide cloud-delivered protection of endpoints, workloads, identity and data. CrowdStrike saw a 59% YoY growth in their ARR (which rose to $2.14B in Q3 2022).

20. Printify


Founded: 2015

HQ: San Francisco, California

CEO: James Berdigans

Funding: $54.1M

Revenue: $25 million 

Number of Employees: 600+

What they do: Offering print-on-demand services, Printify allows entrepreneurs, artists and merchants to quickly start their dropshipping business. Their catalog consists of over 750 products (t-shirts, mugs, backpacks, etc.) that merchants can use to print their designs. After selecting a design, the seller can publish their product to their online store. Then, Printify ships orders directly to the buyers. The company’s 620+ employees help over 2 million merchants sell through the platform.

21. Navan


Founded: 2015

HQ: Palo Alto, California

CEO: Ariel Cohen

Market Cap: $9.2B

Revenue: $340.6 million

Number of Employees: 2,500+

What they do: Navan is an all-in-one travel and expense management company. Their solutions help companies get a better understanding of their travel expenses as well as take advantage of various travel discounts. Navan recently raised a $300M funding round which valued the company at $9.2B, marking a 2x increase in value from early 2020.

22. DocuSign


Founded: 2003

HQ: San Francisco, California

CEO: Allan Thygesen

Market Cap: $10.6B

Revenue: $2.5 billion

Number of Employees: 7,300+

What they do: Over a billion users utilize DocuSign as their preferred electronic signature platform. The company’s SaaS makes it possible for companies to create cloud-based, legally-binding contracts that are digitally signed. The platform has over 1 million paying customers.

23. Eventbrite


Founded: 2006

HQ: San Francisco, California

CEO: Julia Hartz

Market Cap: $837.1M

Revenue: $326 million

Number of Employees: 880+

What they do: Eventbrite is an event discovery platform where people can find and purchase event tickets. The San Francisco-based company brought 66.04M in Q2 2022 (a 42.6% YoY growth).

24. Anthology (Formerly Blackboard)


Founded: 1997

HQ: Washington, D.C.

CEO: William Ballhaus

Funding: $122M

Revenue: $700 million

Number of Employees: 3,000+

What they do: Blackboard is a learning management system for educational institutions. Instructors can create courses and host online classes, whereas students can access course documents and attend classes. The company, now owned by Anthology, has over 150 million users across 80 countries.

25. Anaplan


Founded: 2006

HQ: San Francisco, California

CEO: Charlie Gottdiener

Funding: Acquired

Revenue: $592.2 million

Number of Employees: 2,200+

What they do: Anaplan is a corporate performance management company providing enterprise-grade planning and business intelligence software. In June 2022, Anaplan was acquired by Private Equity firm Thoma Bravo for an estimated $10.7B.

26. MailChimp


Founded: 2011

HQ: Atlanta, Georgia

CEO: Rania Succar

Funding: Acquired

Revenue: $800 million

Number of Employees: 1,700+

What they do: Perhaps one of the more well-known email marketing solutions, Mailchimp provides a marketing automation platform for businesses. One interesting fact about Mailchimp is that it has never raised funding. The founder bootstrapped the company to $700M in revenue (and it was profitable from day one).

27. SurveyMonkey


Founded: 1999

HQ: San Mateo, California

CEO: Eric Johnson

Market Cap: $3.14B

Revenue: $300 million

Number of Employees: 1,300+

What they do: SurveyMonkey is an online survey SaaS. Users can create and distribute surveys as well as analyze results. The 20-years old company has crossed $300M in ARR.

28. Oracle


Founded: 1977

HQ: Austin, Texas

CEO: Safra Catz

Market Cap: $306.1B

Revenue: $51.6 billion

Number of Employees: 164,000+

What they do: Oracle is a technology company that started as a commercial relational database program. The company has been pushing into the SaaS space and now offers several SaaS products, ranging from Enterprise Resource Planning to Supply Chain Management platforms. Oracle is the 37th largest company by market cap (as of November 2022).

29. HubSpot


Founded: 2006

HQ: Cambridge, Massachusetts

CEO: Yamini Rangan

Market Cap: $31.2B

Revenue: $2.1 billion

Number of Employees: 7,600+

What they do: HubSpot is a tech company offering marketing, sales and customer service software. The company brought in $1.3B in 2021, a 47% increase from 2020.

30. Google


Founded: 1988

HQ: Mountain View, California

CEO: Sundar Pichai

Market Cap: $1.73T

Revenue: $307.3 billion

Number of Employees: 156,500+

What they do: Google is best known for, the world’s most visited website, with approximately 92.5 billion monthly visits. However, the company also provides a number of SaaS-based tools. Specifically, Google’s SaaS offerings include productivity tools like Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Calendar. All of these tools are grouped under Google Workspace, which was previously known as G Suite. The 24-year-old company brought in around $257B in revenue last year.

31. Apple


Founded: 1976

HQ: Cupertino, California

CEO: Tim Cook

Market Cap: $2.82T

Revenue: $385.7 billion

Number of Employees: 161,000+

What they do: Apple is probably not a company that comes to mind when thinking about SaaS companies. However, the hardware company has gradually positioned themselves as a software provider. Apple now offers several SaaS products, including iCloud storage, Apple Music, Apple TV+ and more. The world’s most valuable company has amassed over 890 million paid subscriptions.

32. Amazon


Founded: 1994

HQ: Seattle, Washington

CEO: Andy Jassy

Market Cap: $1.80T

Revenue: $574.7 billion

Number of Employees: 1,525,000+

What they do: Most people know Amazon as the large marketplace selling almost every product imaginable. However, the marketplace is not the company’s most profitable business. In fact, Amazon’s AWS (Amazon Web Services) accounted for 74% of their profits in 2021. AWS is a comprehensive cloud computing platform that offers a mixture of IaaS, PaaS and SaaS products.

33. DropBox


Founded: 2007

HQ: San Francisco, California

CEO: Drew Houston

Market Cap: $8.25B

Revenue: $2.5 billion

Number of Employees: 3,100+

What they do: DropBox is a cloud-based file storage service. The company has over 700 million registered users, and approximately 15.48 million are paying customers.

34. Atlassian


Founded: 2002

HQ: Sydney, Australia

CEO: Mike Cannon-Brokes & Scott Farquhar

Market Cap: $59.3B

Revenue: $3.8 billion

Number of Employees: 10,700+

What they do: Atlassian is a software company making products for developers, project managers and other software development teams. To this day, they are best known for their bug tracking and project management platform named Jira. In Q4 2022, the company reported 10 million monthly active users and 242,623 paying customers in over 190 countries.

35. Autodesk


Founded: 1982

HQ: San Rafael, California

CEO: Andrew Anagnost

Market Cap: $54.9B

Revenue: $5.5 billion

Number of Employees: 13,700+

What they do: Autodesk is a software corporation best known for AutoCAD. But the company develops a broad range of software across architecture, engineering, construction, manufacturing and entertainment industries. Autodesk’s revenue for FY ending in July 2022 was $4.386B, a 15.72% increase from 2021.

36. Block


Founded: 2009

HQ: San Francisco, California

CEO: Jack Dorsey

Market Cap: $47.8B

Revenue: $21.9 billion

Number of Employees: 12,900+

What they do: Formerly known as Square, Block operates in the technology sector. What initially began as a financial service startup has now evolved into a company that invests in various tech organizations. Block is an investor in CashApp, Tidal, TBD and Square. While the company brought in around $4.4B in Q2 2022, it recorded a negative net income of $208M.

37. Workday


Founded: 2005

HQ: Pleasanton, California

CEO: Carl Eschenbach

Market Cap: $77.6B

Revenue: $7.3 billion

Number of Employees: 17,700+

What they do: Workday provides on-demand software for student information systems, human capital, and financial management. Workday’s most popular products are their financial and HR management SaaS. With approximately 12,500 employees, Workday serves over 50% of Fortune 500 companies and 55+ million users.

38. Veeva Systems


Founded: 2007

HQ: Pleasanton, California

CEO: Peter Gassner

Market Cap: $35.9B

Revenue: $2.2 billion

Number of Employees: 6,700+

What they do: Veeva Systems provides cloud solutions for the pharma and life science industries. On February 1, 2021, they became the first publicly-traded company to convert to a public benefit corporation.

39. Asana


Founded: 2008

HQ: San Francisco, California

CEO: Dustin Moskovitz

Market Cap: $4.2B

Revenue: $648 million

Number of Employees: 1,700+

What they do: Asana is a project management platform. Users can prioritize tasks, collaborate and track project progress. The company brings $400M in ARR.

40. Cisco


Founded: 1984

HQ: San Jose, California

CEO: Chuck Robbins

Market Cap: $195.6B

Revenue: $58.0 billion

Number of Employees: 85,000+

What they do: Cisco provides networking, cloud and security solutions. The company now offers a number of SaaS products. Cisco’s SaaS revenue for FY 2022 came at $22.9B, representing an 8% YoY growth. This segment now makes up approximately 44% of the company’s total revenue.

41. Grammarly


Founded: 2009

HQ: San Francisco, California

CEO: Rahul Roy-Chowdhury

Funding: $400M

Revenue: $178.9 million

Number of Employees: 1,400+

What they do: Grammarly is a cloud-based writing assistant. The platform reviews spelling, grammar, punctuation, clarity and engagement. Over 30 million people use the platform, which works across 500,000+ applications (Google Docs, Word, etc.). The $13B valued company was listed as one of TIME’s most influential companies of 2022.

42. ZScaler


Founded: 2007

HQ: San Jose, California

CEO: Jay Chaudhry

Market Cap: $35.97B

Revenue: $1.9 billion

Number of Employees: 6,900+

What they do: Zscaler is a cloud security company that went public in March 2018. They offer fast and secure access to private apps, services, and operational technology devices. This helps companies minimize the risk of unauthorized users accessing their network. Zscaler’s headcount has grown 57.8% since 2021 (they now employ around 4,900 people). Their Q4 2022 revenue grew 61% YoY to $318.1M.

43. Zoom


Founded: 2011

HQ: San Jose, California

CEO: Eric Yuan

Market Cap: $20.75B

Revenue: $4.5 billion

Number of Employees: 8,400+

What they do: Zoom sells a cloud-based video conferencing platform. They were one of the few companies to benefit from the pandemic lockdowns and WFH protocols, considering their video conferencing software was downloaded over 480 million times in 2020 alone.

44. Intuit


Founded: 1983

HQ: Mountain View, California

CEO: Sasan Goodrazi

Market Cap: $187.4B

Revenue: $15 billion

Number of Employees: 18,200+

What they do: With over 18,200 employees, Intuit’s core business is financial software. The company currently owns five SaaS products: TurboTax, QuickBooks, Mint, Credit Karma and Mailchimp. Intuit serves over 100 million users across these five services.

45. ServiceNow


Founded: 2004

HQ: Santa Clara, California

CEO: Bill McDermott

Market Cap: $157.2B

Revenue: $8.9 billion

Number of Employees: 22,600+

What they do: ServiceNow provides its users with software used within the security, operations, customer service and HR industries. The company’s subscription revenue for Q2 2022 came at $1.6B, representing a 25% YoY growth.

46. Snowflake


Founded: 2012

HQ: Bozeman, Montana

CEO: Frank Slootman

Market Cap: $77.0B

Revenue: $2.6 billion

Number of Employees: 6,800+

What they do: Snowflake is a cloud computing company employing over 3,990 people. They sell a fully managed SaaS product that provides a single platform for data storage and analysis (data warehousing, data lakes, data engineering, data science etc.).

47. Hotjar


Founded: 2014

HQ: Pacewill, Malta

CEO: Mohannad Ali

Funding: Acquired

Revenue: $25 million

Number of Employees: 200+

What they do: Hotjar functions as a website heatmap and behavior analytics startup. Basically, the platform records a website’s users and their behavior within the website. Then, it compiles the information to provide insights based on this information. Before it got acquired by Contentsquare, Hotjar was bootstrapped to $40M ARR.

48. Wix


Founded: 2006

HQ: Tel Aviv, Israel

CEO: Avishai, Abrahami

Market Cap: $8.03B

Revenue: $1.5 billion

Number of Employees: 4,500+

What they do: Best known for their no-code website builder tool, Wix allows users to develop new websites through a simple drag-and-drop UI. In addition to website development, the company provides logo creation and search engine optimization services. The Tel Aviv-based company brings in $1B in ARR.

49. UserTesting


Founded: 2007

HQ: San Francisco, California

CEO: Andy MacMillan

Funding: Acquired

Revenue: $234 million 

Number of Employees: 1,800+

What they do: Riding the on-demand products/services wave, UserTesting provides an on-demand user feedback platform. Businesses use the platform to target the users they want to test the product. Then, UserTesting matches them with the right target audience. With over 1,800 employees globally, the company serves over 2,500 organizations.

50. Zendesk


Founded: 2007

HQ: San Francisco, California

CEO: Tom Eggemeier

Funding: Acquired

Revenue: $1.3 billion

Number of Employees: 6,000+

What they do: Zendesk’s services include SaaS customer service software and sales CRM. Serving over 200,000 customers worldwide, the company brought $1.6B in ARR last year.


This concludes our list of the top SaaS companies in the world.

As we can see, SaaS companies are disrupting many industries, ranging from finance to marketing.

And as the SaaS market continues growing rapidly, it will be interesting to see what new companies it brings and what older companies it disrupts.