Top Trending Topics (May 2024)

by Josh Howarth
May 1, 2024

This is a list of the top 100 trending topics in the US right now.

The data from this list was generated using our proprietary algorithm and trend curation process.

Note that the topics in this list aren’t fads (like new movies or video games).

Instead, these are long-term trends that are likely to see upward growth throughout 2024.

Top Trending Topics In The US Right Now

# Topic Search Growth 
1 TikTok Ads 9,100%
2 Sustainable Aviation Fuel 6,300%
3 Anc Earbuds 2,333%
4 AI Code Assistant 9,600%
5 Padel Racket 1,329%
6 Brightwheel 382%
7 Discoloration Serum 2,367%
8 MagSafe Power Bank 9,300%
9 DTF Printer 8,900%
10 ATS Checker 99x+
11 Travel Esim 99x+
12 AI Voice Generator 8,900%
13 Digital Twin 210%
14 Fractional CMO 8,900%
15 Side Hustle 259%
16 Booktok 99x+
17 Beehiiv 8,700%
18 Diffusion Models 4,350%
19 Numerade 9,600%
20 BookStack 338%
21 ESG Data 669%
22 Postbiotics 938%
23 Zero Trust 540%
24 Plum Face Wash 809%
25 AI Rendering 9,200%
26 CBG Gummies 99x+
27 Insurance Technology 1,214%
28 AI Presentation Maker 99x+
29 Regenerative Agriculture 335%
30 Nicotine Pouches 1,329%
31 AI Interior Design 9,500%
32 Embedded Finance 844%
33 Magnacut 7,800%
34 Clove Water 636%
35 Clear Whey Protein 9,300%
36 Avelo 3,750%
37 Gaming Earbuds 427%
38 Portable Power Station 431%
39 Japandi 4,300%
40 Creator marketplace 1,860%
41 Niacinamide Dew Drops 7,600%
42 Pilates Machine 7,700%
43 Pickleball Shoes 1,567%
44 Power Grip Primer 9,400%
45 Cybersecurity Bootcamp 569%
46 Video Summarizer 99x+
47 Lab Grown Diamonds 500%
48 Sea Moss Gummies 99x+
49 Mushroom Lamp 667%
50 Ultrahuman 99x+
51 Mewing 1,380%
52 Bakuchiol Cream 9,000%
53 Figma Plugin 99x+
54 Niacinamide Moisturizer 1,700%
55 Oversized Gym Shirt 8,900%
56 DuckDB 99x+
57 Psilocybin Chocolate 7,200%
58 Fluted Panels 1,433%
59 Crypto Casino 1,567%
60 Talkiatry 8,500%
61 Green Noise 773%
62 TinyML 1,150%
63 AI Logo Generator 9,000%
64 AI Tattoo Generator 99x+
65 Submagic 3,800%
66 LoyalFans 99x+
67 AI Writing Tool 9,400%
68 French Curl Braids 7,300%
69 Bamboo Pajamas 929%
70 AG1 2,450%
71 Mexc 8,500%
72 Temu 9,700%
73 Fractional CTO 9,200%
74 AI Image Enhancer 9,100%
75 Malatang 494%
76 Gellyball 1,400%
77 LLM App 9,400%
78 Figma Fonts 1,029%
79 Magic Mushroom Chocolate 900%
80 User-Generated Content 745%
81 Hyperfocus 256%
82 Micro Wedding 515%
83 LFP Battery 1,680%
84 Permanent Jewelry 9,000%
85 Dripify 8,700%
86 Lofi Music 408%
87 Tofu Cat Litter 773%
88 Prompt Tuning 9,000%
89 AI Hub 1,150%
90 Hyperfixation 682%
91 Sendwave 6,800%
92 Pimple Patches 2,325%
93 FinOps 3,233%
94 TikTok SEO 5,300%
95 Milling 


96 Scent Beads 550%
97 Heatless Curler 5,500%
98 AI Note Taking 8,700%
99 Immersive Art 476%
100 Mushroom Gummies 99x+

With that, here is a collection of trending topics worth keeping an eye on:

1. Tiktok Ads


5-year search growth: 9,100%

Search growth status: Exploding

Description: TikTok ads appear on a user’s For You page (although they're currently testing search-based ads). While there are various TikTok ad formats, including images, spark, pangle, and carousel, the most common form is video. Video ads last 5 to 60 seconds and typically include a display image, brand or app name, and text about the promoted product or service.

2. Digital Twin


5-year search growth: 210%

Search growth status: Exploding

Description: Digital Twins are virtual, 3D duplicates of real-world assets that can be tracked and manipulated through software. Interest in digital twins is growing mainly because they are seeing new applications in several different industries (manufacturing, construction, supply chain, etc.).

3. AI Code Assistant


5-year search growth: 9,600%

Search growth status: Exploding

Description: Generative AI is making its way into the programming world through AI code assistants. These tools leverage large language models and machine learning to analyze and suggest code, error-check existing code, and generate new code from text prompts. Some of the most highly rated AI code assistants include GitHub Copilot, Codeium, and Tabnine. 

4. CBG Gummies


5-year search growth: 99x+

Search growth status: Exploding

Description: CBG gummies are flavored soft candies made with full-spectrum CBD oil. Cannabigerol (CBG) is the acidic form of primary cannabinoids like CBD and THC. These snacks are similar to CBD gummies, containing only non-psychoactive cannabinoids. These gummies can help with anxiety, stress, depression, and focus.

5. Bamboo Pajamas


5-year search growth: 929%

Search growth status: Exploding

Description: Bamboo pajamas are sleeping garments made from all-natural fibers. These pajamas are made of 95% bamboo viscose fabric and 5% spandex. The material has better breathability, sustainability, and softness compared to traditional cotton pajamas.

6. Brightwheel


5-year search growth: 382%

Search growth status: Exploding

Description: Brightwheel is an online communication platform built to connect schools and teachers with families. Brightwheel allows parents to track their children’s progression by providing channels for communication with teachers and displaying the student curriculum for the year. On the administrative side, Brightwheel automates managerial operations for teachers and enables supervisors to manage classrooms more efficiently.

7. Permanent Jewelry


5-year search growth: 9,000%

Search growth status: Regular

Description: Permanent jewelry does not have a removal clasp like traditional jewelry and the ends are welded together. It's a style piece for couples to wear as a sign of commitment. It's often worn as rings, bracelets, and anklets and it has gained popularity because of the bold style and low maintenance. 

8. Nicotine Pouches


5-year search growth: 1,329%

Search growth status: Exploding

Description: Nicotine pouches are small, tobacco-less pouches that contain nicotine, flavorings, and sweeteners. Experts believe these pouches are safer than alternative nicotine products because they don't contain tobacco leaves and have fewer carcinogens. Zyn, the leading provider of nicotine pouches, sold 261 million units in 2023.

9. Regenerative Agriculture


5-year search growth: 335%

Search growth status: Exploding

Description: Regenerative agriculture is an approach that aims not just to limit damage from agriculture, but actually use it to improve the environment. Implementing regenerative agriculture on 190,000 acres of farmland can remove around 173,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide yearly (the equivalent of yearly emissions from over 37,000 cars). Plus, early data suggests that regenerative agriculture can be profitable over the long term.

10. Fractional CMO


5-year search growth: 8,900%

Search growth status: Exploding

Description: Due to the rise of remote work and cost savings, fractional CMOs are becoming popular hires for small to medium-sized businesses. In fact, a study showed the demand for fractional CMOs increased by 38% in 2023. Fractional CMOs work as independent contractors on a part-time basis for more affordable rates. 


That wraps up our list of current trending topics worth keeping an eye on.

There are a few “big picture” patterns in this list. For example, many of the trends (clove water, postbiotics, etc.) are related to natural health. And many others (gaming earbuds and cybersecurity bootcamp) are tech-focused.

We plan on keeping this list updated on a regular basis. So check back soon for updated data and trends.