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By Google Search Volume Growth (Last 5 Years)

1 in 5 people across the globe are under lockdown to contain the spread of coronavirus. So we analyzed Google search volume growth for two of the most popular freelance work platforms where people can find work from home: Toptal and Upwork.

It’s clear that Toptal interest is growing VERY quickly. Meanwhile, searches for Upwork has gradually declined year after year. It’s now LESS popular than 5 years ago.

But the absolute number of searches for “Upwork” is still WAY higher than for “Toptal”. Upwork obviously isn’t going anywhere soon.

What can we learn from this?

Interest in Toptal is growing consistently. So it could be a good choice for freelancers choosing which platform to join and build their reputation on going forwards. But Upwork is clearly the big player in the industry. So for those freelancers that have already established themselves with great reviews there, they'll likely have more opportunities on Upwork.