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By Google Search Volume Growth (Last Year)

Demand for video conferencing software has exploded over the last few months.

Zoom has been getting most of the headlines.

But they’re not the only video meeting platform taking off.

Google Meet, which is built on top of Google Hangouts tech, is Google’s answer to Zoom. And demand is exploding.

Which is why we wanted to analyze search volume growth for these two popular video meeting tools.

What does the data tell us?

That search volume for both Zoom and Google Meet is exploding.

To be clear: Google Meet’s search volume has been climbing WAY faster. Zoom’s has plateaued a bit and is even declining at the moment.

But search volume growth for both tools is extremely high.

If Google continues its aggressive push with Google Meet, it could pose a real threat to Zoom’s business. Especially if it’s able to address some of the privacy concerns that Zoom has been grappling with.

Either way, with video conferencing “the next big thing” in tech, it will be interesting to see which platform comes out on top.