19 Growing B2B SaaS Startups (2021)

by Josh Howarth - July 16, 2021

Analysts estimate that the global SaaS market will be worth around $436B by 2025.

(Up from only $272.9B in 2021.)

80% of businesses use at least 1 SaaS application (largely due to the simplicity for companies to set up internally.)

Our list of 19 B2B SaaS startups contains companies that take on a wide range of roles: including marketing, sales, accounting, and HR.

Read on to learn about the startups that made our list.

1. Gong.io


5-year search growth: 1600%

Search growth status: Regular

Year founded: 2015

Location: San Francisco, California

Funding: $583M (Series E)

What they do: Gong helps B2B companies gather actionable sales insights by analyzing customer interactions during calls, meetings, and even by email. Gong’s main value prop is providing these insights in real-time so that sellers can pivot or double down on critical areas.

Gong.Io is rated as #1 out of 100 on G2’s Top Software Award, #1 out of 100 for G2’s Highest Satisfaction Award, and #1 for G2’s Best Sales Software Award.

2. Namely


5-year search growth: 88%

Search growth status: Regular

Year founded: 2012

Location: New York, New York

Funding: $217.8M (Series E)

What they do: Namely aims to simplify HR by providing a simple SaaS solution to the usually pesky arena of managing people and their personal details. Namely’s sweet spot is companies with 25-1000 employees. By freeing up HR professionals’ time, they can focus on strategies for bringing in and keeping the best possible talent.

3. Iterable


5-year search growth: 52%

Search growth status: Regular

Year founded: 2013

Location: San Francisco, California

Funding: $342.2M (Series E)

What they do: Iterable provides enterprise clients a comprehensive cross-channel marketing platform in a convenient SaaS package. With all of the noise in the marketplace and the ever-growing number of e-commerce advertising online, Iterable provides clients a toolkit for owning their marketing data and delivering personalized messaging at scale.

Rapidly-growing brands like Doordash, Ritual, and Stack Overflow use Iterable to drive increased conversions, generate text message marketing campaigns, and more.

4. Calendly


5-year search growth: 644%

Search growth status: Exploding

Year founded: 2013

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Funding: $350.6M (Series B)

What they do: Calendly is a digital calendar that lets an enterprise sales team, or internal corporate teams, book appointments and schedule meetings in a frictionless manner. After seeing the enormous amount of wasted time and email going back and forth to schedule a simple meeting, Calendly was born.

As of January 2021, Calendly has over 10M monthly users and has grown 1,180% since last year.

5. Emissary


5-year search growth: 94%

Search growth status: Regular

Year founded: 2013

Location: New York, New York

Funding: $21M (Series A)

What they do: Emissary is a SaaS marketplace that connects enterprise sales teams with executives who have recently left target accounts. For example, a senior Salesforce sales rep can use Emissary’s platform to be connected to a former Nordstrom IT executive, gaining valuable insight into Nordstrom’s IT organization and strategies around how to effectively sell to Nordstrom.

Emissary’s platform handles scheduling, communication, and provides a two-way street for “advisors” and clients to connect.

6. Floqast


5-year search growth: 316%

Search growth status: Peaked

Year founded: 2013

Location: Sherman Oaks, California

Funding: $199.9M (Series C)

What they do: Floqast’s SaaS is focused on serving B2B client’s needs around seamless accounting and auditing. QuickBooks and other accounting software have been the de facto standard for quite a while, but Floqast’s powerful automation, transparent tracking, and simple reconciliations offer modern accounting departments an updated toolkit.

7. Passbase


5-year search growth: 2700%

Search growth status: Regular

Year founded: 2018

Location: Berlin, Germany

Funding: $4.1M (Seed)

What they do: Since financial companies have almost all moved online, smooth identify verification has never been more critical. However, many firms still have clunky, antiquated ID processes. Passbase’s flexible identity tools provide an intuitive ID verification experience across Android, iOS, and the web.

Supporting over 190 countries and 6,000 types of ID, Passbase’s proprietary “selfie” process is being used by brands like AppJobs, Ramps, and teleclinic.

8. Simply Do


5-year search growth: 77%

Search growth status: Regular

Year founded: 2015

Location: Cardiff, United Kingdom

Funding: $1.5M (Seed)

What they do: Companies often spend loads of time trying to source ideas from employees, through old-fashioned surveys or hosting countless meetings. SimplyDo recognized the need for a collaborative, easy-to-use software that allows internal employees to contribute ideas while having fun doing it.

Organizations like the NHS, NatWest, and Intellectual Property Office design challenges around complicated and critical questions on their internal SimplyDo platform. Employees can then contribute answers and discuss how to best tackle their orgs' most pressing challenges. SimplyDo has been featured by SaaSStock as one of the “20 Startups to Watch”

9. DemoDesk


5-year search growth: 1800%

Search growth status: Regular

Year founded: 2018

Location: Munich, Germany

Funding: $10.6M (Series A)

What they do: DemoDesk is behind the Intelligent Customer Meeting Platform, a comprehensive platform that delivers real time sales advice and objection handling, real time customer information, and internal notes around a company. This is designed to help arm sellers with all of the information they need to move a deal through the pipeline.

DemoDesk claims to cut down ramp time by 50%, increase deal win rates by 35%, and increase the time a seller can actually focus on selling by 60%

10. Ahrefs


5-year search growth: 186%

Search growth status: Regular

Year founded: 2010

Location: Singapore, Singapore

Funding: N/A

What they do: Ahrefs is an all-in-one SEO toolset used by marketers from innovative companies like Netflix, Adobe, Uber, and LinkedIn. By focusing on 5 core tools, Ahrefs has simplified the often complex process of continually optimizing a site's SEO.

At the time of writing, over 2,166 people signed up for an Ahrefs trial over the last week.

11. Customer Labs


5-year search growth: 185%

Search growth status: Regular

Year founded: 2013

Location: Chennai, India

Funding: $100K (Seed)

What they do: Customer Lab’s no-code Customer Data Platform lets B2B marketers track, unify, and sync data across disparate marketing tools, their website, and the company's CRM. A CDP is usually a hassle for developers and internal IT teams to mess with, so providing marketers a tool to unify data that doesn’t rely on IT is a time saver. Marketers also gain independence from their IT teams. Over 1500 companies use CL’s product today.

12. SetApp


5-year search growth: 5200%

Search growth status: Regular

Year founded: 2016

Location: Youghal, Ireland

Funding: N/A

What they do: It can be extremely difficult for companies to decide on a standard application package for use across all of their employees. SetApp is a single subscription that provides a bundle of apps for companies based on different use cases, like productivity or security. Simplifying applications with one bill, smooth updating, and singular deployment and support is their major selling point.

13. DataBricks


5-year search growth: 880%

Search growth status: Exploding

Year founded:



What they do: Data inside a business is often siloed and hard to reach. DataBricks unifies data inside a company with their DataBricks Lakehouse, a play on data lakes and data warehouses. By combining data, analytics, and AI, companies can harness true insights from their data.

Some of the largest enterprise data teams in the world are DataBricks customers. CVS Health, Shell, Conde Nast, and HSBC all use DataBricks for unifying their data.

14. FeatureSpace


5-year search growth: 6100%

Search growth status: Regular

Year founded: 2008

Location: Cambridge, U.K.

Funding: $107.9M (Venture)

What they do: Stopping financial fraud is an important task for many fintech B2B companies. And FeatureSpace is aiming to be the leader when it comes to cracking down on money laundering and fraud. Their ARIC platform is a real-time machine learning software that scores risk in over 180 countries in order to prevent financial crimes.

More than 30 major global financial players use FeatureSpace, including NatWest, HSBC, and Danske Bank.

15. Eloomi


5-year search growth: 6900%

Search growth status: Regular

Year founded: 2015

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

Funding: $78.7M (Private Equity)

What they do: Eloomi’s SaaS offering is trying to make training more rewarding for both the onboarding employee and the company they’re joining. Onboarding, compliance, training, and continued learning are all part of Eloomi’s streamlined and simplified platform.

Eloomi is worldwide, with offices in Orlando, Copenhagen, and London. They count over 500+ companies as customers across 27 countries.

16. UserPilot


5-year search growth: 0%

Search growth status: Peaked

Year founded:



What they do: Over 500+ companies leverage UserPilot to deliver more personalized in-app experiences to their customers and app users. By unlocking the ability to gauge consumer sentiment and real-time engagement, product marketers and UX professionals are rapidly able to iterate and improve their app’s offerings on the fly.

17. SalesLoft


5-year search growth: 100%

Search growth status: Peaked

Year founded: 2011

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Funding: $245.7M (Series E)

What they do: SalesLoft is among the leading sales engagements platforms on the market today. Integrating seamlessly with leading CRM platforms, SalesLofts helps sales leaders design multi-step outreach campaigns, analytics around sales outreach and effectiveness, as well as actionable insights in real-time.

SalesLoft has more than 2,000 enterprise-level users including IBM, Shopify, and Wayfair.

18. Chili Piper


5-year search growth: 580%

Search growth status: Regular

Year founded: 2016

Location: Brooklyn, New York

Funding: $54.4M (Secondary Market)

What they do: Revenue teams use Chili Piper’s dynamic forms and meeting software to instantly connect with inbound leads, and seamlessly schedule handoff meetings from SDR to AE without mistakes.

The CRM is integrated with Chili Piper’s software so meetings, notes, and dates are all automatically updated within a company’s central source of truth for sales data. The results from using Chili Piper are stats like 300% more revenue, improving conversion by 70%, or 4xing inbound conversion rates.

19. Drift


5-year search growth: 26%

Search growth status: Regular

Year founded: 2016

Location: Brooklyn, New York

Funding: $54.4M (Secondary Market)

What they do: Drift is a conversational marketing platform that utilizes automation, video, email, and chat to provide a more human touch during the online buying experience. Over 50,000 businesses are using Drift to start real-time conversations and increase revenue, engagement, and provide a cleaner buying experience for the online customer.


The startups on our list are some of the fastest-growing B2B SaaS companies in the world.

From simplifying tedious accounting work to allowing enterprises to have real conversations with prospects in a human manner, these SaaS stars cover many of the critical functions in the B2B ecosystem.

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