8 Top Customer Intelligence Platforms (2024)

by Josh Howarth
April 22, 2024

The right customer intelligence platforms help to improve your sales, marketing, and product decision-making by removing silos and highlighting patterns.

These tools can even boost customer satisfaction by streamlining support and sales processes.

With that, here are eight of the best customer intelligence solutions on the market today.

1. SAS Customer Intelligence 360

SAS Customer Intelligence 360 is customer intelligence software that helps you store and understand large amounts of data.


You can use the tool to:

  • Collect customer data from a variety of online sources
  • Source data provided directly by individual customers
  • Analyze data to develop actionable insights around customer behavior, patterns, and more

The SAS platform stands out from other customer intelligence tools on this list for one big reason: its hands-on support team.

Rather than being a strictly do-it-yourself tool, SAS Customer Intelligence 360 gives you access to analytics experts.

Your support team can help you:

  • Learn how to use SAS software effectively
  • Identify what business problems you can solve with customer data
  • Make sure you're importing the right data to make solid business decisions
  • Build custom reports that highlight customer patterns and motivations
  • Clean your data sets to improve reliability
  • Build an analytical modeling environment that helps you find insights faster than ever

You can even upload data you've collected offline into SAS and merge it with digital metrics.

How Much Does SAS Customer Intelligence 360 Cost?

SAS doesn't publish pricing for their Customer Intelligence 360 product. You'll need to get in touch with the company to request a demo and a price quote.

2. Dynamics 365 Customer Insights

Dynamics 365 Customer Insights is a Microsoft product for improving customer journeys and experiences.


When using this platform, you can:

  • Incorporate customer data from multiple sources
  • Create unified customer profiles that include activity patterns, contact information, email engagement, and more
  • Automatically refresh your consumer data with built-in consent and privacy controls

And, because it's a Microsoft product, Dynamics 365 Customer Insights includes Copilot artificial intelligence (AI). Copilot can:

  • Sort your customer profiles into segments
  • Find new audience types to target
  • Model customer intent with predictive analytics
  • Qualify new leads

You can even use the AI to help you gain a competitive advantage by creating personalized marketing messages—and sending them at specific times based on customer preferences.

How Much Does Dynamics 365 Customer Insights Cost?

Access to the Dynamics 365 Customer Insights platform starts at $1,700 per month.

3. Einstein 1

Einstein 1 is a customer-centric AI tool that's part of the Salesforce Customer 360 ecosystem.


Einstein works on top of your Salesforce data and can help you:

  • Develop summaries of customers' interactions with your team
  • Surface insights to answer questions and improve customer retention rates
  • Assign scores based on customer needs, behavior, and intent to buy
  • Create personalized customer experiences
  • Build a knowledge base using previous support ticket data

All you need to do is prompt Einstein 1 using normal language—it'll will draw upon your customer data and produce insights for you to review.

How Much Does Einstein 1 Cost?

Salesforce uses a multi-tiered pricing structure based on the business you run and the features you need.

As such, the cost to access Einstein 1 is variable—you'll need to set up a phone call with the Salesforce team to finalize a price quote.

4. Common Room

Common Room is a customer intelligence solution for software-as-a-service (SaaS) and AI companies.


The platform uses AI to automatically search for signals that show a lead or customer may be interested in taking action with your company.

This information can come from:

  • First-party data sources owned by your business, such as customer surveys
  • Social media engagement
  • Community forum participation
  • Website analytics tools
  • Public data sources

With Common Room, you can see information about job changes, product usage, pricing page views, and more—all associated with customer profiles.

You can even set the system up to send you a Slack message when one of your top leads views a pricing page or a customer goes through a job change.

How Much Does Common Room Cost?

Common Room is free to use with a limit of 500 contacts, 50 companies, and two user seats. Paid plans, which include higher usage limits, start at $625 per month when billed annually.

5. SAP Customer Data Platform

The SAP Customer Data Platform is a data-driven tool for managing B2C and B2B client information.


With this software, you can organize customer data into profiles—complete with associated accounts and links to other customers.

You can then use the data in these profiles to support:

  • Audience segmentation
  • Customer account personalization
  • Supply chain optimization
  • New product planning

The SAP Customer Data Platform also includes an AI learning model. Its machine learning capabilities can help you uncover insights that you may not spot on your own—useful for reducing churn, improving customer loyalty, and more.

How Much Does The SAP Customer Data Platform Cost?

SAP uses a custom pricing model for its customer intelligence tools. You'll need to contact the company and request a demo to learn more.

6. HubSpot CRM

HubSpot CRM is a straightforward tool for managing, searching, and understanding your customer data.


You can use this customer relationship management software to:

  • Create forms that collect customer or website visitor information
  • Segment your contacts for better email personalization
  • Surface important customer data when customer support team members respond to a chat or call
  • Clean and organize customer data
  • Track leads through the sales process
  • Log and revisit every touchpoint with a customer

Much of what you can do in HubSpot is a manual process—such as adding, editing, and merging data points.

If you're running a small business, then HubSpot's low cost may make it an excellent solution for your customer intelligence needs. But if you're seeking a solution that supports data collection automation, then a solution from SAP, Microsoft, or SAS is going to be a better choice.

How Much Does Hubspot CRM Cost?

HubSpot CRM is free to use; this plan includes up to five user seats. Paid plans, which offer varying levels of features, user seats, and stored contacts, start at $15 per month, per user (when billed annually).

7. Total Expert

Total Expert is a data management and customer journey mapping platform for financial services companies.


The company says its platform’s functionality is tailored to the needs of:

  • Mortgage lenders
  • Banks
  • Credit unions
  • Insurance companies

When using Total Expert, the software helps you find and organize customer analytics like other intelligence tools—but everything is focused around money, lending, and consumer credit profiles. Available metrics include:

  • Savings account balances
  • Total debts
  • Recent actions like searching for a home or applying for a car loan
  • Changes to credit scores

This information then gets paired with demographic data, contact details, and your company's prior history with the customer (if any).

Ultimately, you wind up with a mix of customer information and financial details that can help your business see more profitability from new clients.

How Much Does Total Expert Cost?

Like some of the other customer intelligence companies on this list, Total Expert keeps their pricing private. You'll need to schedule a demo in order to learn more.

8. ActionIQ

ActionIQ is a cloud and on-premises solution for storing, qualifying, and reviewing consumer intelligence data.


The software connects to your existing data warehouse or sales and marketing tools. Once your customer data is in action IQ, you can:

  • Create new and explore existing customer segments
  • Create automated workflows for advertising and messaging
  • See engaged and qualified customers associated with a particular campaign or event

Plus, all of your data remains in its tool or warehouse of origin. This means you can manipulate, change, and adjust ActionIQ metrics at will with no concern of losing your original source.

One big benefit of the ActionIQ platform is that it's compliant with many security regulations, including:

  • CCPA
  • GDPR

If you're in a medical field or working with lots of European customers, then ActionIQ is a nice choice.

How Much Does ActionIQ Cost?

ActionIQ prices aren't public, so you'll need to contact the company to request a demo and quote.


Knowing all about consumer behavior, preferences, and experiences is important—but you need to implement your findings correctly, too.

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