10 Top B2B Market Research Companies (2024)

by Josh Howarth
March 18, 2024

There are plenty of great market research tools out there.

But sometimes, the best way to get actionable insights is to engage a team of experts.

If you're interested in working with an expert, the 10 business-to-business market research companies on this list are a great place to start.

1. B2B International

B2B International is a global market research firm.


The company provides market research services and support for B2B companies, including:

  • Target audience development
  • Customer segmentation
  • Brand messaging
  • Product development
  • Pricing models
  • Market expansion

B2B International also helps clients improve their positioning as industry thought leaders. During this process, the firm researches both the topics that interest a B2B audience and how these audiences prefer to consume said content.

How Much Does B2B International Cost?

There are a variety of blog posts, podcast episodes, and webinars available for free on the B2B International website.

If you're interested in working with the firm to uncover insights specific to your audience, though, you'll have to contact B2B International to discuss pricing.

2. Kadence

Kadence is a market research firm that serves a variety of industries.


The company's B2B division includes research services for:

  • Market expansion
  • Customer segmentation
  • New product development
  • Advertising campaigns
  • Brand development

Kadence conducts both online and offline research for its customers. This may include a mix of:

  • Online communities
  • In-person focus groups
  • Hands-on sensory and neuroscience research
  • Telephone-based customer research interviews
  • Expert interviews

This variety makes Kadence a nice choice for companies of all sizes, and across different B2B industries.

How Much Does Kadence Cost?

Every Kadence customer needs something different, so the company doesn't publish its pricing online. You'll need to get in touch with the Kadence team to discuss options and prices.

3. Elevation Marketing

Elevation is a B2B marketing agency that offers a full slate of services, including market research.


Unlike Kadence, which offers some in-person services, Elevation is a "digital-first" market research agency. Most of their work and research is focused on digital marketing, online product launches, and automation.

You can work with Elevation to:

  • Assemble and profile B2B audiences
  • Create customer personas
  • Test brand messaging
  • Develop thought leadership content
  • Evaluate market entry opportunities
  • Reduce sales churn

The company also offers a variety of other marketing services including search engine optimization, user experience (UX) testing, social media, and content creation. If you need a full-service agency (or help with your marketing strategy) as well as research services, then Elevation is a sound choice.

If you're only seeking a partner to develop focus groups and create research reports, though, you may be better served by another company on this list.

How Much Does Elevation Marketing Cost?

All Elevation services are priced based on your specific needs, so you'll have to get in touch with the company to set up a consultation and request a price quote.

4. Forrester

Forrester is a market intelligence and consulting firm.


While you can opt to work directly with Forrester advisors on your market research needs, the company also offers prepared reports and surveys.

These assets aren't created specifically for your company, but still provide valuable insights that are helpful for improving your:

  • Sales engagement
  • Marketing strategy
  • Customer experiences
  • Technology purchases

The high-quality data in Forrester reports comes from their annual survey of over 675,000 individuals, including business and technology leaders.

How Much Does Forrester Cost?

Forrester publishes some of its insights for free in case study, blog, and podcast format. You'll need to request a price quote if interested in purchasing prepared research, white-labeled reports, or working with the company on a bespoke solution.

5. Adience

Adience is a qualitative and quantitative B2B market research firm.


The company helps with research for B2B companies that provide:

  • Transportation and logistics
  • Software-as-a-service products
  • Financial services and FinTech solutions
  • IT hardware
  • Architectural services
  • Engineering and construction
  • Industrial operations

Adience services include research and consulting for:

  • Buyer persona development
  • Market analysis
  • Brand positioning research
  • Logo testing
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Win-loss analysis
  • Net promoter score (NPS) evaluation
  • Pricing optimization
  • Market forecasts
  • Idea tests
  • Thought leadership strategy

Adience relies on a few different techniques to collect their data, too, including social media listening, online communities, media diaries, secondary research, and A/B testing.

How Much Does Adience Cost?

Like many other B2B research firms, Adience uses a custom pricing model based on each customer's needs. You'll need to request a consultation call with the company in order to get a quote.

6. Savanta

Savanta is a behavioral, qualitative, and quantitative research agency.


The company provides several research-driven services, including:

  • Customer experience measurement
  • Brand awareness evaluation
  • Market opportunity analysis
  • Public opinion polls
  • Retail behavior studies
  • Employee surveys
  • Thought leadership development

Savanta gathers their information through the formation of bespoke B2B audience panels and one-on-one interviews with business decision-makers around the world.

Insights can include data around what's important to buyers based on industry, physical location, and more.

How Much Does Savanta Cost?

The cost to access Savanta data and work with the company's advisors will depend on the scope of your need. You'll need to get in touch with the firm to request a consultation and learn more about pricing.

7. OvationMR

OvationMR is a qualitative B2B market research company.


They help B2B clients:

  • Design research studies
  • Recruit panel participants
  • Conduct executive interviews
  • Develop customer sample groups
  • Conduct tracking studies

The data gleaned from these services can then be used decision-making around your advertising or marketing campaigns, go-to-market strategies, and brand development. Plus, OvationMR's data analysis team can help you glean these insights—and develop reports—based on your research.

How Much Does OvationMR Cost?

All interested OvationMR customers must request a custom quote through the company's website.

8. Cascade Insights

Cascade Insights is a market research firm serving the B2B technology industry.


The company works with software, hardware, AI, cybersecurity, and internet of things (IoT) organizations, among others. Cascade's available services include research for:

  • Buyer persona development
  • Customer journey maps
  • Market and concept tests
  • Opportunity insights
  • Brand development
  • Competitor analysis
  • Thought leadership strategy

Cascade gathers data through a variety of means including in-person interviews, online focus groups, social media analysis, and surveys.

The company provides more than raw data, too. Each customer receives a plan for implementing Cascade's findings to support their marketing, sales, branding, and product goals.

How Much Does Cascade Insights Cost?

Cascade doesn't publish its pricing online, so you'll need to request a call with the company to discuss rates and options.

9. C+R Research

C+R Research is a quantitative and qualitative market research company.


The company works with a variety of B2B clients, from health insurers through food service providers. C+R Research findings apply to a variety of use cases, and the company gathers its data through:

  • In-depth interviews
  • Online panel discussions
  • Focus groups
  • Business owner and executive interviews
  • Subject matter expert interviews
  • Online surveys

You can opt to work with C+R Research on a one-time project or engage the firm as a long-term consultative partner.

How Much Does C+R Research Cost?

Like many of its competitors, C+R Research develops custom price quotes for each customer, so you'll need to set up a meeting with the company to learn more.

10. TRC

TRC is a market research firm that offers services for B2B companies.


TRC collects its qualitative research data in three ways: surveys, interviews, and focus groups. These groups—and questions for respondents—can be customized to provide insights that are useful for:

  • Brand development
  • Customer satisfaction analysis
  • Industry trend discovery
  • Purchasing behavior tracking
  • Product feedback
  • Pricing strategy
  • Market segmentation

The company offers several methods of data collection and analysis, too, including:

  • Brackets
  • Two-dimensional max-diff (2DMD)
  • Conjoint
  • Qual-quant integration

TRC's research experts can help you identify which methodology is right for your needs.

How Much Does TRC Cost?

TRC's Agile Suite research solutions, which are ideal for generating product ideas, start at $10,000. The company can also put together customized solutions based on your goals—you'll need to get in touch with the TRC team for a consultation if interested.


Whether you choose to engage a professional B2B market research company or find your own insights with a self-service market research tool for B2B, access to the right data can transform the way you position and market your brand.

For more information on how to conduct and use the data you uncover, check out our step-by-step guide to B2B market research processes.