9 Top Klue Alternatives & Competitors (2024)

by Josh Howarth
April 8, 2024

Klue uses artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically gather and analyze data used by product marketers, sales reps, revenue teams and more.

While Klue's insights are extremely valuable for many brands, it’s not the only competitive enablement tool on the market.

The nine alternatives on this list are also worth your consideration.

1. Crayon

Crayon is an AI-powered competitive intelligence platform.


Marketing and sales teams use Crayon to automatically monitor their top competitors and report on key insights. When using Crayon, you can configure it to:

  • Send daily emails or periodic internal newsletters with high-priority competitor insights
  • Summarize news articles about the competition
  • Create sales battlecards
  • Organize sales data pulled from a variety of tools, including Salesforce CRM and Slack

Crayon's AI can even prioritize its competitive insights to help you streamline your efforts and make sure you’re focused on the right industry players.

How Much Does Crayon Cost?

Crayon uses a customized pricing model based on your team and needs. You'll need to request a demo and speak to a Crayon representative in order to sign up.

2. Brew

Brew is a strategic marketing analysis and insights tool powered by generative AI.


The platform shows you where your company falls in the larger competitive landscape, so you can compare your efforts against multiple competitors at once—or drill down to look at one company more closely.

When using Brew to analyze your marketing and competition, you can:

  • Measure the total impact of all marketing efforts
  • Research the topics that are of interest to your market
  • Scan for gaps in the market that your competitors aren't filling
  • Develop benchmarks to understand how your brand stacks up against others

Brew uses natural language processing (NLP) to review and distill vast amounts of data into easy-to-understand, actionable insights.

Unlike Crayon and some other Klue alternatives, though, Brew doesn't offer many tools or resources for sales teams—it's really geared toward marketers.

If you need a single platform to support both marketing and sales enablement, you'll want to try another option on this list.

How Much Does Brew Cost?

Brew doesn't publish pricing online, so you'll need to get in touch with the company to request a price quote.

3. Kompyte

Kompyte is a competitive intelligence automation platform for sales teams.


Specifically, the platform continuously gathers data on all of your key competitors. As Kompyte gathers these competitive insights from a variety of sources—including social media, job boards, ads, and review sites—it uses AI to filter out the most important details.

You can then use Kompyte to turn this data into:

  • Daily AI-generated summaries for your team
  • Sales battlecards
  • Reports enriched with quantitative and qualitative data

Kompyte's AI functionality isn't limited to behind-the-scenes work, either. You can actually chat directly with Kompyte's user-friendly GPT assistant, which will:

  • Produce additional insights summaries on demand
  • Deliver instant takeaways or summaries of content you upload
  • Revise and edit its previous outputs upon request
  • Filter reports as needed to focus specifically on one competitor

Plus, the assistant’s algorithm learns from your preferences and interactions over time.

Kompyte is heavily focused on sales activities, but it includes some marketing tools as well. The company is owned by Semrush, and every Kompyte plan includes the ability to analyze keywords.

If you're already paying for a separate keyword analysis tool, then switching to Kompyte may be a good move.

How Much Does Kompyte Cost?

Kompyte offers three different plan tiers, but pricing is only available upon request. You'll need to schedule a demo to get the process started.

4. Seismic

Seismic is a versatile sales enablement and market intelligence platform.


Like Klue, Seismic allows its users to easily:

  • Organize and analyze data related to competitors or clients
  • Produce reports and uncover new insights with the help of AI
  • Create, store, and use content for clients and sales teams
  • Improve marketing strategies and messaging

But while Klue helps its users source information for competitive enablement, Seismic focuses more on tools that support data utilization. Any customer-facing team within a company can benefit from Seismic tools like:

  • Collaborative digital sales rooms
  • Content auditing and performance metrics
  • Capacity planning charts
  • Internal and external content distribution workflows

If you need a tool to help you source data, including internal knowledge, stick with Klue. If you're more focused on ways to manage the content you create with that information, then Seismic might be a good fit.

How Much Does Seismic Cost?

Like many other sales enablement and intelligence tools, Seismic doesn't publish their pricing publicly. You'll have to request a product demo to learn more.

5. WatchMyCompetitor

WatchMyCompetitor (WMC) is a competitor tracking platform.


Like Klue and Kompyte, WMC uses AI to gather intel on your top competitors.

However, the tool isn't strictly AI-powered. All data gathered by WMC is filtered and reviewed by human analysts. As a WMC customer, you can work with a dedicated account manager to identify your competitors, create an insights dashboard, and begin receiving key data points.

It's not strictly for sales and marketing teams, either. WMC also offers solutions for:

  • Customer service
  • Regulatory compliance
  • International relations

If you've been trying to make a sales- or marketing-focused tool like Klue work for another purpose, then the versatility offered by WMC might be just what you need.

And like Kompyte, WMC offers an AI chatbot that you can interact with to learn more about your data, insights, and actions.

How Much Does WatchMyCompetitor Cost?

Because WMC offers a variety of different features for several use cases, you'll need to chat with their team to request a price quote.

7. Contify

Contify is a market and competitive intelligence platform.


The platform has similarities to both Klue and Seismic. While Contify uses AI to regularly scan more than 500,000 data sources and gather insights, you can also connect your own sources and build personalized content for sales purposes.

Regardless of whether you're using Contify's sources or your own, the software makes it easy to:

  • Automatically gather intelligence updates
  • Create news feeds of key industry, customer, and competitor information
  • Create a taxonomy for organizing intelligence data
  • Conduct secondary market research
  • Build reports for colleagues and clients
  • Uncover new sales opportunities

And like WatchMyCompetitor, Contify has human analysts working to curate and refine the data gathered by its AI.

How Much Does Contify Cost?

Contify prices aren't public, though you can launch a seven-day free trial directly from the company's website. You can also start by requesting a demo, after which you'll be able to receive more information about pricing.

7. Exploding Topics

Exploding Topics is a trend-spotting website.


While the platform isn't a dedicated competitive enablement tool like Klue or Contify, you can use Exploding Topics to source your own competitor and market intelligence.

Insights include:

  • Popular topics across different marketing channels and industries
  • The total funding, growth, and headcount for notable startups
  • Average prices for popular e-commerce products
  • Analysis of how different industry trends relate to each other

We also include key data points about each trend, like:

  • Online searches per month
  • Rate of growth
  • Changes in interest over the past 15 years
  • Future growth forecasts

Here's an example of how this can work in practice.

Using a blend of AI and human data analysis, we identified Perplexity AI as a company to watch in January 2023—when search volume for the brand was around 409,000. We sourced our data from a variety of sources including forums, websites, news outlets, and social media platforms like LinkedIn.


If you were working at another AI startup at the time, this would have been a valuable insight; we knew the company was one to watch. With that kind of advance notice, you could begin considering Perplexity AI as a notable competitor well before its $520 million valuation was announced just one year later.

Today, monthly searches for Perplexity AI are in the four million per month range.


How Much Does Exploding Topics Cost?

There's no charge to start using Exploding Topics. You can begin browsing trends at any time, right from our homepage.

In order to unlock our entire trend library and additional features (like startup and product information), you'll need an Exploding Topics Pro plan. Options start at just $39 per month, billed annually, and you can try it out with a 14-day trial for $1.

8. Highspot

Highspot is an AI-enhanced sales enablement tool.


Unlike Klue or Kompyte, Highspot doesn't automatically gather intelligence data from third-party sources. Instead, Highspot uses AI to analyze information gleaned from your company's files and interactions with customers.

You can use the tool to:

  • Organize and use sales enablement content
  • Analyze how well different content performs when shared with prospects
  • Build sales and marketing playbooks
  • Create digital sales rooms for team members and leads
  • Build training programs for sales reps

All of Highspot's analytics are focused on your team's work, success rates, and use of the tool.

If you're mostly interested in Klue for its ability to produce and analyze competitive intelligence, then you'll want to go with another competitor on this list.

But if you're gathering intel from another source, like Exploding Topics, Highspot can help you put your findings into action.

How Much Does Highspot Cost?

Like many of its competitors, Highspot keeps its pricing private. You'll need to request a demo and a price quote in order to learn more.

9. AlphaSense

AlphaSense is another market intelligence platform that can produce competitive insights.


Like Brew, AlphaSense uses AI and NLP to scan more than 300 million documents and deliver actionable insights for your team.

But AlphaSense doesn’t offer all of the comprehensive enablement and training tools found in Klue, Seismic, and many of the other tools on this list. Instead, it’s best used as a tool for gathering insights that you then feed into other systems and content.

Available data points include:

  • Company valuations and funding
  • Details from competitor press releases
  • Regulatory findings
  • Equity research
  • Competitor news mentions

One unique aspect to AlphaSense is that the company actually interviews consumers, business leaders, and executives. This means that you may actually be able to get quotable insights directly from someone formerly employed by one of your biggest competitors.

AlphaSense is best used by technology and Fintech businesses—if that sounds like you, and you aren’t in need of a full marketing and sales enablement solution, then this is a good option.

How Much Does AlphaSense Cost?

AlphaSense offers two different pricing tiers, but prices aren't listed online. You’ll need to request a quote from the AlphaSense team to learn more.


Whether you choose to source your own data with Exploding Topics or AlphaSense, or want to receive AI-prepared reports on a regular basis from Crayon or Kompyte, each of the competitive intelligence tools on this list can help you improve your marketing, sales, and product development.

To learn more about how to source trends and key market insights yourself, check out our complete guide to tracking industry trends—and the nine trend finders that can help you do so.