11 Huge Trending Pet Products for 2021-2023

by Josh Howarth - July 2, 2021

This is a list of fast-growing pet products for 2021.

(And have the potential to see further growth over the next two years.)

So whether you’re looking for a category to add to your eCommerce site.

Or you want to find a new product to dropship.

This up-to-date list has you covered.

1. CBD for Dogs


5-year search growth: 2466%

Search growth status: Regular

Monthly searches: 90,500

Average Price:

What Is It? CBD oil for dogs is made of cannabidiol, which is extracted from the cannabis plant. CBD oil for dogs has become increasingly popular in recent years due to its health benefits and lack of side effects. It can be mixed with food or given as a treat, which makes it an attractive option for pet owners who are trying to find natural ways to help their dog fight pain or relax.

2. Pretty Litter


5-year search growth: 3233%

Search growth status: Exploding

Monthly searches: 111,000

What Is It? Pretty Litter is a new type of cat litter that is made from silica. Although this is a specific brand of litter, there are many other pet startups launching premium kitty litter products.

3. Donut Dog Bed


5-year search growth: 766%

Search growth status: Regular

Monthly searches: 6,600

What Is It? The design of the bed makes it appear as a giant donut (insert your own Homer Simpson joke here). It also includes a hole at one end of the mattress for pets to enter and exit from. Donut beds are typically made from foam and covered with a soft fabric. Some even include pillows and toys to make your pet feel more at home.

4. Dog toothpaste


5-year search growth: 95%

Search growth status: Regular

Monthly searches: N/A

What Is It? Dog toothpaste is a type of toothpaste that is designed for cleaning and maintaining the oral health of dogs. Dog toothpaste is available in a variety of sizes and flavors (like chicken). Some toothpaste is made specifically to fight plaque, tartar or both while others contain anti-inflammatory ingredients as well for dogs that suffer from gingivitis.

5. Dog vitamins


5-year search growth: 141%

Search growth status: Regular

Monthly searches: N/A

What Is It? Dog vitamins are supplements that are given to dogs in order to help maintain or improve their overall health. Often, vitamins for dogs are prescribed by a veterinarian or other qualified healthcare professional. The type of vitamin that is given to a dog will depend on the animal's age, size, activity level and health status. Dog vitamins are usually available in the form of chewable (flavored) tablets.

6. Cat treats


5-year search growth: 106%

Search growth status: Regular

Monthly searches: 18,100

What Is It? Cat treats are a form of cat food occasionally given to cats between meals (often as a reward). The most common ingredients found in commercial cat treats are meat, vegetables and grains. Cat treats typically have high-fat content, which makes them an important source of energy for the animal.

7. Freeze dried dog food


5-year search growth: 74%

Search growth status: Regular

Monthly searches: 9,900

What Is It? Freeze dried dog food is a shelf-stable and portable form of pet food that retains most of the nutrition in its original state. Once rehydrated or cooked, it can be fed to pets. Compared with traditional wet can foods, freeze dried dog food products typically have higher levels of protein, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. They also contain fewer carbohydrates.

8. Dog calming bed


5-year search growth: 171%

Search growth status: Regular

Monthly searches: 27,100

What Is It? A dog calming bed is a simple tool that can be used for anxiety in dogs. By placing it on the floor, your pet will feel more relaxed and at ease because he knows his bed will always be within reach. The bed also features a familiar scent in the form of a doggy odor. Some dog calming beds are enclosed while others are open to allow for unrestricted access.

9. Dewormer


5-year search growth: 122%

Search growth status: Regular

Monthly searches: N/A

What Is It? A dewormer is a medication used to treat infestation with intestinal parasites (worms). There are two types of parasites that tend to infect dogs: roundworms and tapeworms. While they can be serious in puppies, most roundworm infections in adult dogs do not cause health problems. Tapeworms, on the other hand, can be a source of serious illness in both puppies and adult dogs.

10. Automatic ball launcher


5-year search growth: 52%

Search growth status: Regular

Monthly searches: 1,900

What Is It? An automatic ball launcher is a tool for automating playing fetch (mainly for dogs, but can also be used for cats). It can keep pets entertained for hours at a time, especially when it comes with an added treat dispenser to really get them moving. Various launchers will shoot their balls in different directions and heights.

11. Portable dog water bottle


5-year search growth: 712%

Search growth status: Regular

Monthly searches: 5,400

What Is It? A portable dog water bottle is designed for pet owners who are constantly on the go yet prioritize their dog's health (and specifically their hydration). Bottles typically feature a durable stainless steel interior that locks in freshness without any BPA. Most brands also include an ice pack that will keep water cold for 24 hours anywhere outside of an air-conditioned environment so that you can always have access to cold drinking water for your pup. Bottles are usually also small enough to fit in virtually any bag, backpack or purse.


That wraps up our list of pet supplies that are starting to trend right now.

One common theme that ties many of these products together is a focus on comfort. Designer dog beds are becoming increasingly popular thanks to the growing trend of celebrity pet beds.

Another theme is the fact that humans are increasingly concerned about their pet’s nutrition. This is why they’re investing in relatively expensive products, like Pretty Litter and freeze dried pet food.

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