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By Google Search Volume Growth (Last 15 Years)

As you can see, interest in Facebook ads is growing SUPER quickly. On the other hand, email marketing has remained pretty flat over the last few years.

One interesting note:

The absolute number of searches for “Facebook ads” recently surpassed “email marketing”. “Facebook ads” gets 33,100 searches per month. “Email marketing” only gets 14,800 searches per month.

What does this tell us?

That demand for Facebook ads is skyrocketing.

And as more people jump onto the Facebook ads bandwagon, it’s getting more competitive. And expensive. Which is something many Facebook advertisers are noticing.

On the other side, email marketing has been consistent. Searches have been at around 10K per month for YEARS.

And despite email marketing being called “dead” several times, there’s stable interest in marketing via email. Even though it’s not growing.

So yeah, both approaches have their pros and cons.

And according to this data, interest in Facebook ads is growing fast. Especially compared to a traditional channel like email.